Japeth Aguilar Drafted in the D-League

Japeth Aguilar was drafted in the NBA basketball D-league on November 3, 2012.

Kaibigan Lang Pala - Friendzone Tagalog Song

Philippines has its own friendzone song with Kaibigan Lang pala by Lilet.

Man Assaults Helpless Girl Cashier In An Eatery

Man assaults or beaten a girl half shorter than him in an eatery in the Philippines.

Zendee Rose Teneferete In Ellen Degeneres

The popular "Random Girl Singing" Zendee Rose Teneferete was a guest in Ellen Degeneres on October 26, 2012.

Why I agree With The P10 MRT Fare Hike

Why I agree with the P10 MRT-3 Fare Hike that will occur next year 2013.

Sainthood of Pedro Calungsod

On October 21, 2012, Pedro Calungsod will be officially canonized and will be the 2nd Filipino saint of the Philippines.

Philippine Azkals Vs Singapore Lions On November 15 2012

Philippine Azkals and the Singapore Lions will go head to head in Cebu on November 15, 2012.

Jessica Sanchez On Glee For Several Episodes

It is now confirmed that Jessica Sanchez will be on Glee for several episodes.

ADMU Won, 5 Peat Basketball Champion

ADMU won today's game 2 match(October, 11, 2012) against UST and become the UAAP basketball Champion.

Complete List of People Running For Senate On 2013 Elections

Here is a complete list of people who are running for senator in the 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines.

UAAP Finals Game 2: UST VS Ateneo Oct 11 2012 2pm

UAAP 2012 basketball finals game 2 for the UST VS Ateneo match-up will be happening on October 11, 2012, 2pm.

Philippine National Police, First To Use The Still Not Implemented Cybercrime law

Philippine National Police are getting harsh criticism when they have threaten one commenter of pursuing legal action because of his negative comments about the PNP which seems to use the still not implemented Cybercrime law.

Cebu Inmates Dances To Gangnam Style

Cebu Inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitatin Center(CPDRC) that became viral  in Youtube when their inmates danced one of Michael Jacksons song "Thriller".  Now they are back again and with a massive number of people singing and dancing, Psy's Gangnam Style.

Video of Cebu CPDRC Gangnam Style video.

Anonymous Philippines: Bloody Monday, More Hacked Websites?

Anonymous Philippines have an interesting message after they have hacked the website of the Intellectual Property Office Of The Philippines.

Foreigners Warned About Impending Threat

Tourist from the US, Canada, UK and Australia was advised by their embassies in the Philippines about a threat or danger in the Philippines.

Pacquiao Using Gangnam Style For His Training

Manny Pacquiao was seen using the song of Psy, Gangnam Style as part of his training for his upcoming fight. In the video, you will see Manny Pacquiao sprinting while doing the horse back riding dance routine in the Gangnam Style video. I just hope that those routine will help you defeat Juan Manuel Marquez on your fourth fight.

Japeth Aguilar To Be The First NBA Player?

Japeth Aguilar could possibly be the first full-blooded Filipino player in the NBA?

Feu And Nu Ordered To Repeat Game Amid Controversy

UAAP officials has ordered Feu and Nu to repeat a basketball game amid a controversy about a lay-up by RR Garcia of FEU during the final seconds of a game.

Popular Pinoy Gangnam Style Videos, Made Funnier And Even Better

Psy - Gangnam Style spoof videos made by pinoys/ in the Philippines.

Philippine Airline Ticket Buyers, Purchase on 7/11

Philippine Airline has partnered with 7/11 convenience store to make it convenient for consumers to buy their tickets.

ABS-CBN Sol Aragones: Will Run For Laguna Congressman

Sol Aragones which is a reporter and news anchor for ABS-CBN will run in the upcoming elections for Congressman of the 3rd district of Laguna.

UAAP Cheerdance 2012: UP Won, Cheerdance videos below

University of the Philippines Won the UAAP Cheerdance competition that was held on September 22,2012.

War Erupted Between Smart And Globe Over NTC Results

Globe and Smarts are at odds about the recent result of the National Telecommunication Commission quality test.

Trillanes and Enrile Chronological Order Of Events With Videos

Chronological order of events(speeches & interviews) on the Trillanes And Enrile Incident on the Senate Floor.
The cause of the Antonio and Enrile Word War incident on the senate floor just this last September 19, 2012 is unknown but from what we can piece together, here are the possible reasons based on what Enrile has said in interviews as well as what Trillanes has said.

According to Enrile, Trillanes was angry with him(Juan Ponce Enrile) because he rejected an increase of budget on one of his commitee.

According to Trillanes, Enrile is a lackey or a "Tuta" of the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the late president has ordered or called Enrile to hasten the passing of the bill that will divide Camarines Sur. He also said that its "My Way Or The HighWay" when it comes to Enrile which is why he wants to have another Senate President.

It is unsure if this was really the cause of the Word War between the two but here is a chronological events that happened with videos.

The first video is an interview with Trillanes on ANC in response to news that he has backdoor talks with China. He also confirms his meetings with China. This was a response to an article in inquirer with DFA secretary Del Rosario about the backdoor talks.

The Second video is Trillanes priveledge speech that was stopped by Enrile. We can see that he was withdrawing from the majority.


The third video is the speech of Enrile as well as Senator Trillanes walking out of the senate floor. Enrile is apparently reading Ambassador Brady's notes on the backdoor talks with China and Trillanes.


Here are some highlights on what Enrile said 
- no wants the panatag shoal - Trillanes
- cannot protect our shoarline - Trillanes
- del rosario should be replaced by mar roxas - Trillanes

 Fourth video is an interview with Trillanes after the incident.


Last video is an interview with Enrile. He confirms he has more documents about Trillanes. Documents more incriminating than Brady's notes.


  A Bonus here is Trillanes full priveledge speech that was stopped by Enrile. Link

Sandara Park: Chatting Up with Former collegues and Fans in the Philippines via Twitter

Fans of Sandara Park would be delighted on the news that Sandara Park has a twitter account to chat up with his fans and colleagues especially his Filipino fans and colleagues.

Antonio Trillanes Walks Out Of The Senate

Antonio Trillanes Walks out the senate when confronted about his meeting with the Chinese about the Scarborough Shoal and Spratleys.

Legarda Leads On Survey On Likely To Be Elected as Senators

Loren Legarda leads a Pulse Asia Survey on who would be elected as a Senator in the coming elections if the elections are held today.

Sabotage On Rico Puno Probe?

Miriam Defensor Santiago said in an interview that there was an apparent sabotage to the Rico Puno probe that will happen on September 13,2012, Friday.

DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno Resigns this September 11

DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno resigned on September 11 under heavy fire from rumors, speculations.

Philippine Swat In Cebu Beats Foreign Exchange Student

Cebu Swat "Binugbog" ang isang dayuhan.

Deal Site Metrodeal A Scam?

Metrodeal would be featured in XXX in a scam involving online voucher purchase for a trip to HongKong.

Philippine Football Azkals Lost to Laos 2 to 1 With Fights and Punches

Philippine football team Azkals lost in a international friendly match against Laos with a score of 2-1. Punches and fights also ensued in the 2nd half of the game.

Philippines Might Be the First Asian Country To Get The Iphone5

Philippines might be the first Asian country where the upcoming Apple Iphone5 would be released.

Jessica Sanchez singing at the Democratic Convention

Jessica Sanchez a runner-up in the American Idol TV show sang at the Democratic National Convention.

Tito Sotto Copied A Kennedy Speech?

Tito Sotto is being accused of plagiarism again with the speech he gave the senate on September 5,2012.

Tito Sotto Delivers Last Part Of His Speech September 5

Tito Sotto delivers the last part of his turno en contra speech on September 3,2012.

Tito Sotto Challenged To A Debate Concerning RH bill

Tito Sotto was challenged to a debate concerning the RH bill.

Wife of Jessie Robredo On Shortlist To Become A Trial Judge

Wife of Jessie Robredo, Leni Robredo is on the JBC shortlist as a trial court judge.

Philippine 2013 Holidays(non-working holidays)

The Philippine government has announced the holiday dates for next year 2013.

MWSS Website hacked by Anonymous

The mwss website was hacked and currently hacked by the Anonymous Philippines.

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Southeast of Samar

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake was felt southeast of samar on August 31,2012, friday, 8:45pm

Mar Roxas Appointed As New DILG Secretary

Mar Roxas was appointed as new DILG secretary on August 31,2012.

Rolito Go Was Gambling in a Casino Not Kidnapped

Rolito Go was apparently gambling in a Pampanga Casino Filipino during the day that he said he was kidnapped told by a witness and several casino players.

Unsportsmanship: Arvie Bringas of FEU Spitting on ADMU bench

Arvie Bringas of FEU was caught spitting in the direction of the Ateneo Blue Eagles Bench in a UAAP game on August 29 2012, Wednesday.

Senator Sotto's Privileged Speech On August 29 On Plagiarism

Senator Tito Sotto delivered a privileged speech on plagiarism accusations against him on August 29,2012.

People Likely To Be The Next DILG Secretary

People believed to be the next DILG secretary after Jessie Robredo.

Chinese Activist Against Japanese Coast Guard Video

Chinese Activist once against returned to a disputed island claimed by China, Japan and taiwan.

Noynoy's eulogy during Jessie Robredo's last Mass

President Benigno Aquino III's message for Jessie Robredo on his last mass on August 28,2012.

late DILG secretary Jessie Robredo to be cremated on August 28

The late DILG secretary Jessie Robredo would be cremated after a state funeral and the last mass for Jessie Robredo.

Maria Lourdes Sereno Newly Appointed Philippine Chief Justice

Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was appointed by President Benigno Aquino III to be the new Chief Justice of the Philippines.

Robert Carabuena Nahimatay in QC fiscal office

Robert Carebuena fell unconscious and brought to an hospital after a meeting in the Quezon City fiscal office.

Robert Carabuena Apologizes in Public

Robert Carabeuna the person who assaulted or "bullied" an MMDA traffic officer has issued a public apology in the MMDA office today.