Philippine Swat In Cebu Beats Foreign Exchange Student

Cebu Swat "Binugbog" ang isang dayuhan.

Philippine Swat Cebu kicked and "butted" using an M-16 a foreign exchange student in Cebu.

According to the news story, the Papua New Guinea foreign exchange student named Penini was drunk and inconsolable when he was apparently beaten by someone. That someone is unconfirmed if a Filipino or his countrymen.

Some "baranggay tanod" responded into the scene and called the police because they are unable to control the gentleman. And in what you saw in the video, A girl is consoling him which is apparently his friend but the Papua New Guinean is still in a rage and has used a stone to hit a taxi driver in his face. After that incident, the swat came in and the Papua New  Guinea exchange student saw the two swat members and laid to the ground as to show that he was ready to be submitted but the swat members responded with force and beaten the Papua New Guinea student with an M-16 and kicks and we can even see the taxi driver having a few kicks of his own.

Here is a video of the Philippine Swat Cebu beating a foreigner.

Did the Swat responded harshly? I don't think so. If an "instigator" does not want to commit himself to law officials like the police, the police in turn can use necessary force to disable the person so he cannot hurt others or himself. I have heard the whole event happened in a span of hours which would likely mean that the swat/police are already frustrated and beating the taxi driver was the last straw.

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