7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Southeast of Samar

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake was felt southeast of samar on August 31,2012, friday, 8:45pm

Mar Roxas Appointed As New DILG Secretary

Mar Roxas was appointed as new DILG secretary on August 31,2012.

Rolito Go Was Gambling in a Casino Not Kidnapped

Rolito Go was apparently gambling in a Pampanga Casino Filipino during the day that he said he was kidnapped told by a witness and several casino players.

Unsportsmanship: Arvie Bringas of FEU Spitting on ADMU bench

Arvie Bringas of FEU was caught spitting in the direction of the Ateneo Blue Eagles Bench in a UAAP game on August 29 2012, Wednesday.

Senator Sotto's Privileged Speech On August 29 On Plagiarism

Senator Tito Sotto delivered a privileged speech on plagiarism accusations against him on August 29,2012.

People Likely To Be The Next DILG Secretary

People believed to be the next DILG secretary after Jessie Robredo.

Chinese Activist Against Japanese Coast Guard Video

Chinese Activist once against returned to a disputed island claimed by China, Japan and taiwan.

Noynoy's eulogy during Jessie Robredo's last Mass

President Benigno Aquino III's message for Jessie Robredo on his last mass on August 28,2012.

late DILG secretary Jessie Robredo to be cremated on August 28

The late DILG secretary Jessie Robredo would be cremated after a state funeral and the last mass for Jessie Robredo.

Maria Lourdes Sereno Newly Appointed Philippine Chief Justice

Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was appointed by President Benigno Aquino III to be the new Chief Justice of the Philippines.

Robert Carabuena Nahimatay in QC fiscal office

Robert Carebuena fell unconscious and brought to an hospital after a meeting in the Quezon City fiscal office.

Robert Carabuena Apologizes in Public

Robert Carabeuna the person who assaulted or "bullied" an MMDA traffic officer has issued a public apology in the MMDA office today.

Sotto's Plagiarism Scandal Update part 2

This is the 2nd update to the Tito Sotto senate speech scandal that rocked Philippine news. If you haven't read the first update, Click Here for the 1st update on the Tito Sotto plagiarism scandal. Click here if you want the first breaking news about the Tito Sotto Plagiarism scandal.

Robredo's Plane Crash Underwater video

Underwater video of the crashed plane of DILG secretary Jessie Robredo and the 2 pilots.

What You Need To Know about Smart's LTE Service

Smart Philippines LTE 4G broadbrand service is not as great as you think. Information, opinions and recommendations about the latest broadbrand service in the Philippines, Smart LTE 4G.

DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo's Body Found

DILG secretary Jessie Robredo's body found this morning on August 12 2012.

Pia Cayetano Plagiarism?

After Tito Sotto's Plagiarism, another senator is now accused of plagiarism. Now, It's Pia Cayetano's turn.

DILG secretary Jesse Robredo Plane Crashed In Masbate

Just now, there are news reports the plane of DILG secretary Jesse Robredo crashed in sea near Masbate en-route to Naga city. The plane which is a Cessna plane Piper Seneca Plane that came from Mactan going to Naga city.

Opinion on Tito Sotto's speech plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the biggest mistake a person can commit and even bigger if you are a public figure and in this case a known politician. What stems as a silly mistake of one his writers copying one blog turned into the biggest story yet in the Philippines. From the "Sue me" phrase ,his chief of staff admittion to US news networks like CBS reporting this story. This whole debacle will turn the Philippines upside down and the outlook of the international community with the Philippines.

Tito Sotto Plagiarism Story Update

Updates on news related to the Tito Sotto Plagiarism Scandal.

Miss World Philippine's Beat-boxing Talent

Miss World Philippines Queenierich Rehman Beat-boxed her way to the top.

Tito Sotto's Speech against RH Bill Accused of Plagiarism

Part of Tito Sotto's speech taken from blogger. Evidence and sources below. You will only see this evidence here.

MMDA officer Bullied by Traffic Enforcer

MMDA officer was slapped and punched by a civilian motorist in a traffic incident that happened this August 11.

Senator Tito Sotto's Speech Against the Rh Bill

Senator Tito Sotto's lengthy speech against the RH bill or the Responsible Parenthood Bill in the Senate. The summary of his speech gave details why he believes the RH bill is unconstitutional, how he believes that life starts at conception, how his first son died because of contraceptives and how condoms pose serious health risk.

President Noynoy Received Shortlist from JBC for Chief Justice

President Benigno Aquino III has received the list of people popularly known as the short list of nominees for chief justice by the JBC. Justice Secretary Leila De lima not included in the short list.

Philippine TV schedule for the London Olympics Closing Ceremony

London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony TV schedule for the Philippines.

Viral Cool And Funny Pics About The Recent Floods In the Philippines

Funny and cool Flood pictures in the Philippines.

August 12 Philippine TV Schedule For The London 2012 Olympics

August 12 London 2012 Olympics Philippine TV schedule for AKTV, TV5, AksyonTV, Hyper.

August 11 London 2012 Olympic Philippine TV Schedule

Live, Delayed, Replayed August 11 Philippine TV schedule for London 2012 Olympics.

No Medals And No more Filipinos competing In the London 2012 Olympics

There are no medals won for the Philippines and no chance to get a medal because there is no more Filipino competing in any event in the London 2012 Olympics.

August 10 London Olympics 2012 Philippine TV Schedule

August 10 Philippine TV schedule for the london 2012 olympics.

August 9 Philippine TV London Olympic Schedule

August 9 London Olympic schedule for Philippines live television.

August 8 London 2012 Olympics Schedule For The Philippines

London 2012 Olympics Schedule, August 8 2012 for Philippine TV channel, TV5, AKTV, AksyonTV and Hyper.

August 7 Philippine TV schedule for the London 2012 olympics

Live Philippine TV London Olympic 2012 schedule on august 7 for channels TV5, AKTV, AksyonTV and Hyper.

August 6 Philippine TV schedule for the London 2012 Olympics

August 6 Philippine live local tv schedule for the London 2012 Olympics schedule. Philippine Olympic tv schedule would be segregated by TV channel, day and time.

August 5 Philippine TV Schedule for London Olympics 2012

August 5 London Olympics 2012 Philippine TV schedule. You can watch live London Olympics on Channel AKTV, TV5, AksyonTV, and other TV5 channel subsidiaries.

Philippines Will Buy 2 Italian Warships

Philippines will buy 2 refurbished 2 Italian Warships for PHP 11.7 Billion($280million dollars as of august 1 2012)

Watch Philippine Olympic Boxer Live on August 4 8:45pm AKTV channel

Philippine Olympic Boxer Marc Anthony Barriga will fight live against Birzhan Zhakypov(Kazakhstan) on august 4 8:45pm at AKTV channel.

San Beda Law Student Marc Andre Marcos Died In fraternity Initiation rites

San Beda law student Marc Andre Marcos died because of initiation ceremony of one fraternity called Leo Lexneum Fraternity.

Aug 3 Philippine Tv Schedule For The London Olympics 2012

August 3 Philippine local tv schedule for the london 2012 Olympics.