Man Assaults Helpless Girl Cashier In An Eatery

Man assaults or beaten a girl half shorter than him in an eatery in the Philippines.

"Lalake nambugbog nang kahera sa kainan", This was the headlines and the news currently being talked about in the Philippines this just few days.

With just the story of Robert Carabuena fading into the abyss, here comes another man who was captured in a CCTV camera assaulting or beating a helpless person and in this case a girl cashier waitress in some small restaurant in the Philippines which is half shorter and half his size.

According to the news reports and interviews, this is what really happened. The man who was named and interviewed as John Paul Encinas was eating in an eatery near his laundry shop somewhere in Manila. The girl, Marjorie Reynaldo asked John Encinas for the payment of roughly 80 pesos for the food he ate. John reportedly refused payment and the girl uttered some phrase to John if he can do the same in his laundry shop.

What happened between that phrase and John Encinas leaving is a blur and missing in both John and Marjorie's statements. But after an hour or half hour of leaving the eatery, John Encinas came back inside the eatery to drink water and Marjorie again asked about the payment and it was then John Encinas threw a glass of water to Marjorie and all hell break loose. With this rage, he entered the cashier side of the eatery and began assaulting or beating Marjorie. We can see John Encinas pacing back and forth, shouting and pulling Marjorie's clothes across the table. After that incident, we can see John leaving momentarily and coming back inside the eatery with an unknown person accompanying him. And them we can see John Encinas asking money from that person and rapidly rushing Marjoie Reynaldo at the back of the store and forcing her to eat the money. After the money incident, Encinas is seen pacing around, randomly shouting at Marjorie, grabbing her neck and pulling her clothes, and then the CCTV went blank.

Here is the Full CCTV video of John Encinas who assaulted Marjorie Reynaldo the cashier/kahera of the eatery

Here is John Encinas interview with GMA a few days after that incident

In this John Encinas video interview, he said that he was sorry about the incident but reiterated that Marjorie Raymundo was mean and demeaning that is why he snapped.

Here is an update to the whole story. After that incident, Mayor Alfredo Lim personally asked the Philippine National Police to apprehend John Encinas and be charged with assault as well as other charges.

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