Popular Pinoy Gangnam Style Videos, Made Funnier And Even Better

Psy - Gangnam Style spoof videos made by pinoys/ in the Philippines.
Psy's Gangnam Style has been a popular hit in the internet with his catchy tunes as well as his horse riding style of dancing. The Gangnam Style video has been the most liked video according to the Guinness World Records. As Filipinos or Pinoys like to dance, it is a given that they will try and emulate, spoof and make the gangnam style video funnier with their own mix and styles. Here are some Pinoy Psy Gangnam style videos for you to enjoy.

Gangnam style by Eruption(Eric Tai) from It's Showtime.


Gangnam Style by Bogart the Explorer. Uses our MRT to mimic the official video LOL. This one is funnier than the original

Gangnam Style by Michael V an actor in the popular variety show, Eat Bulaga

Bubble Gang Gangnam Style by Moymoy Palaboy, a popular song spoof-er in youtube

Pinoy Gangnam Style by Mocha Girls, This ones cuter.

There are more pinoy gangnam style in youtube, but these are the best yet.

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