Aiza Seguerra in the little miss philippines 1987 - nostalgic moments

Aiza seguerra as a contestant in the Eat Bulaga Little Miss Philippines segment that cemented her stardom. She was 4 or 5 when she was a contestant in the said contest.

Funny bogart the explorer filipino snatcher steve irwin spoof

Bogart the explorer is a pinoy who mimics the aussie accent and how steve Irwin talks when talking about animals in the wild but instead of talking about animals, bogart talks about something unique about the philippines and in this case the filipino snatcher..  Steve Irwin was a host of a animal tv show in the discovery channel.

My favorite part is the scientific name of the filipino snatcher which is "maramus saquiapus"(marami sa quiapo)

Cute lewis and pearl may i go out with jessica commercial

Lewis and pearl may i go out skit commercial. For those that didn't know, highschool and even college students in the Philippines needs to be excused to go to the bathroom. They will usually raise their hands and yell or say "may I go out?" This is one good use for that gesture.

Cute kid the real voice of yes fm and love radio

The kid who voiced the little signature phrase of love radio and yes fm in the philippines. The phrase no.1 love radio no.2 yes fm!... At first though, I believe this was just a man who mimics a kids voice but now I know I am wrong.