Student Cuts Class Falls on ditch

Cutting classes "nahulog sa kanal". Student wants to cut class climbs a wall then falls in a ditch. I guess this is why you don't cut class lol.

Dota O ako song

Dota o Ako song or Dota or me song. A pinoy fan made song about Dota. Dota is a custom map in the world of warcraft 3 game. The basic story of the song is that a man has to choose playing dota or his girlfriend.

Mentos philippine flag ketchup commercial

cool Mentos "uy mementos" moment when his friend accidentally gotten ketchup on his shirt. Wouldn't it be easier just to make it a circle or a cross which would make it more believable?

Funny Mentos Breakdance Commercial

Mentos man suddenly trips cool friend acts like they are breakdancing.