Philippine National Police, First To Use The Still Not Implemented Cybercrime law

Philippine National Police are getting harsh criticism when they have threaten one commenter of pursuing legal action because of his negative comments about the PNP which seems to use the still not implemented Cybercrime law.

The incident happened when one user commented on a post in PNP's facebook page about how our policemen does not know how to speak english or only speak broken english.

The user then commented(translated to english), It would be easier for foreigners to get bribed if the police knows good english.

The admin of the page then replied, (name of user redacted), "watch your word, foul word against our police can be used as evidence now to file a case against you in the court of law". Then somewhere in the comment section the admin of the page then said, "Foul words against our police officers can be use as evidence now to file a case against you in a court of law. A good example of this the comment of Mr (comment redacted)". Then he said, "Watchout the CIDG Anti-transnational Crime is now conducting background investigation against you. And, The PNP Anti-transnational and Cyber Crime Division (ATCCD) of CIDG. The unit has sets of equipment comparable or even more sophisticated/latest than other cyber crime units in the world courtery of US Dept of State's AntiTerrorism Assitance Program (ATAP). The unit has also cyber crme investigators trained also by ATAP. They can deted the location of the location of the owner of facebook account of a certain person."

Will these incidents be prominent after the implementation of the Cybercrime Law On October 3,2012? The DOJ even said that they will implement the law until the law is called unconstitutional by the supreme court.

Here are some images of the comments.

As of today, the PNP facebook page has taken down and a spokesperson from PNP has said that the page is not official and what is said in the comments are just comments.

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