Anonymous Philippines: Bloody Monday, More Hacked Websites?

Anonymous Philippines have an interesting message after they have hacked the website of the Intellectual Property Office Of The Philippines.

Not Content with the number of Philippine government websites they hacked this past few weeks, Members of the Anonymous Philippines have left an interesting message with there recent hacking of the Intellectual Property Office Of The Philippines website.

On Their Facebook fan page as well as some of the pages of Anonymous Philippines members, They have messages like "Bloody Monday", "Be Prepared" as well as "This is just the beginning". While we don't know what will happen on this coming monday, October 1, 2012. I can only assume that there would be more government websites hacked and maybe some prominent websites in the Philippines.

Anonymous Philippines hacks government websites in protest of the hugely unpopular Cybercrime Law of the Philippines which will inhibit public speech as well as some things we granted on the internet. Some have even used the term E-Martial Law of the Philippines.

Some of the recent government websites hacked by this group are BSP, MWSS, IPOP, DENR, DOH, the website of the President as well as other Government websites.

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