Rolito Go Was Gambling in a Casino Not Kidnapped

Rolito Go was apparently gambling in a Pampanga Casino Filipino during the day that he said he was kidnapped told by a witness and several casino players.
Rolito Go was seen in a Pampanga Casino Filipino establishment on August 12, the day he said that he was kidnapped.

In an interview of a witness by Erwin Tulfo of TV5, The witness not named told Erwin Tulfo that Rolito Go was gambling in a casino the day he said that he was kidnapped. Other casino players interviewed by Erwin Tulfo also collaborated the story.

According to the witness and the casino players, Rolito Go is usually seen in that Casino Betting at least 50,000 pesos and can go up to hundreds of thousands of pesos. He was usually in that casino at least 4 to 5 times a month and will usually go on Sundays or Saturdays.

On August 12 the day of the "kidnapping", Rolito Go lost a lot more than what he bargained for and cannot pay payment and dues that amounts to 800,000 pesos. Rolito Go then gave his nephew's car as collateral for the payment.

Then to avoid paying for his gambling, Rolito go concocted the story that he was kidnapped so he would not pay his dues with the casino. His nephew's car which was given as a collateral was abandoned by the financiers when they have heard that it was being linked to Rolito Go's supposed kidnapping. This was the car that was used by the "kidnappers" according to Rolito Go.

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