Antonio Trillanes Walks Out Of The Senate

Antonio Trillanes Walks out the senate when confronted about his meeting with the Chinese about the Scarborough Shoal and Spratleys.
Enrile revealed that Trillanes was in talks with the Chinese about the Scarborough Shoal and the Spratleys. Enrile reveals Philippine Ambassador Brady's notes on what Trillanes told the Chinese on a backdoor meeting.

Here are some highlights

Enrile: Trillanes told Chinese we can't enforce our coastal protection
- Enrile on Trillanes: "Pilipino ba 'yan? Makabayan ba 'yan? What kind of senator is this?
- Enrile: Trillanes told Brady: Sa PH walang may gustong sa atin ang Panatag Shoal.
- Enrile: Trillanes said PH side "did not make gapang" the ASEAN which the Chinese did.
- Enrile: Trillanes said Del Rosario is committing treason.

This happened because Trillanes talks about how he was dismayed with Enrile's leadership and he is now withdrawing from the majority. He also talks about how he is GMA's lackey and his approval of the division of Camarines Sur. Enrile said that Trilanes was at odds with him because he didn't approve the budget for his overseas committee. a

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