Trillanes and Enrile Chronological Order Of Events With Videos

Chronological order of events(speeches & interviews) on the Trillanes And Enrile Incident on the Senate Floor.
The cause of the Antonio and Enrile Word War incident on the senate floor just this last September 19, 2012 is unknown but from what we can piece together, here are the possible reasons based on what Enrile has said in interviews as well as what Trillanes has said.

According to Enrile, Trillanes was angry with him(Juan Ponce Enrile) because he rejected an increase of budget on one of his commitee.

According to Trillanes, Enrile is a lackey or a "Tuta" of the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the late president has ordered or called Enrile to hasten the passing of the bill that will divide Camarines Sur. He also said that its "My Way Or The HighWay" when it comes to Enrile which is why he wants to have another Senate President.

It is unsure if this was really the cause of the Word War between the two but here is a chronological events that happened with videos.

The first video is an interview with Trillanes on ANC in response to news that he has backdoor talks with China. He also confirms his meetings with China. This was a response to an article in inquirer with DFA secretary Del Rosario about the backdoor talks.

The Second video is Trillanes priveledge speech that was stopped by Enrile. We can see that he was withdrawing from the majority.


The third video is the speech of Enrile as well as Senator Trillanes walking out of the senate floor. Enrile is apparently reading Ambassador Brady's notes on the backdoor talks with China and Trillanes.


Here are some highlights on what Enrile said 
- no wants the panatag shoal - Trillanes
- cannot protect our shoarline - Trillanes
- del rosario should be replaced by mar roxas - Trillanes

 Fourth video is an interview with Trillanes after the incident.


Last video is an interview with Enrile. He confirms he has more documents about Trillanes. Documents more incriminating than Brady's notes.


  A Bonus here is Trillanes full priveledge speech that was stopped by Enrile. Link

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