Renato Corona Impeachment Speech Full Video

Renato Corona Full video of his speech in the Impeachment court

Chief Justice Renato Corona "nagwalk-out" after his speech in the impeachment court

Chief Justice Renato Corona walked-out after his speech while in the witness stand in the impeachment court.

Manny Pacquiao Starring in a Hollywood Movie called Brass Knuckles

Manny Pacquiao having a role in an up and coming hollywood action movie called brass knuckles.

Full video of Panamanian Eric Schks and Pamela CCTV video, new updates and rumors

Full CCTV video of the accused rapist Panamanian diplomat Eric Schks and Pamela the rape victim and new updates like her real name and some rumors about her case.

Panama diplomat Eric Barnails Schks and aka Pamela caught in CCTV

Panama diplomat Eric Barnails Schks and The supposed rape victim "Pamela" caught in a hotel's CCTV in the night of the accused rape.

Cornetto 20 pesos mirror advertisement

Funny Cornetto 20 pesos salamin advertisement. Cornetto is back again with their 20 pesos series advertisement and now it is in a glass store.

Mon Tulfo Vs Raymart Santaiago and Claudine Barreto Brawl Continues

Mon Tulfo Vs Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto Brawl at Naia Airport

The brawl in the Naia airport is one of the top talked news in the Philippines this past week. The Incident started when Mon tulfo started taking videos of Claudine Barreto shouting at some airport employee about her lose baggage. The information is still fuzzy on who really started the fight but the first thing that happened is an interview of Raymart and claudine on what happened. In that said interview, Raymart and Claudine told the interviewers that Mon tulfo started it all and Mon Tulfo kicked and pushed Claudine and Raymart just came to the rescue. Here is the video of that interview.