Senator Sotto's Privileged Speech On August 29 On Plagiarism

Senator Tito Sotto delivered a privileged speech on plagiarism accusations against him on August 29,2012.
Senator Tito Sotto delivered a speech this August 29 to try and stop the issue of plagiarism against him. The plagiarism accusation first started when somebody noticed that parts of Sotto's speech was taken from a blog. Parts specifically pertaining to Natasha Campbell Mcbride

On this August 29 Tito Sotto priveledge speech, Speech highlights

 -That plagiarism is not a crime and there is no law against plagiarism in the Philippines.

- He also said in record that copying is not a crime and he said that he didn't confirm that his speech was his own.

- Also said something about his detractors and how they are attacking the messenger and not the message.

- First Senator to be a victim of Cyber-bullying

-But the best part is when he redacted on record the part of his speech pertaining to Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride's findings.

Here is the video of Tito Sotto's August 29 privileged speech against the plagiarism accusations.


But what about the other blogs he supposedly plagiarized?

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