Foreigners Warned About Impending Threat

Tourist from the US, Canada, UK and Australia was advised by their embassies in the Philippines about a threat or danger in the Philippines.

According to the US embassy in the Philippines, There are reports that there would be explosive threats against US citizens in the Philippines. US citizens are advised to take precaution when going into areas in the Philippines that are frequented by foreigners. The US embassy even specifically named Pasay City on their news report.

Following the US embassy advisory, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia follow suit to the said advisory and Australia even informs their citizens in the Philippines to immediately leave Palawan and Mindanao.

While we don't know how they came with this advisory, it is peculiar that they have named a city which they rarely do unless there was already a recent incident on that particular location(ex. Mindanao). We are also not entirely sure if it is connected with the Anti-Islam Youtube video that went viral this past weeks.

The only thing we know is that the advisory stands until October 13 according to news reports.

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