Tito Sotto Delivers Last Part Of His Speech September 5

Tito Sotto delivers the last part of his turno en contra speech on September 3,2012.

Tito Sotto Delivers the last part of his speech against the RH bill. He discusses how the RH bill is really a population control bill and cites doctors, economist, and facts to hold his claim. He also cites that the government is at fault why metro manila is overpopulated.  He also cites the negative effect of agressive population control and support of contraceptives to control birth rates.

Here are some highlights of Sotto's last part of his turno en contra speech on September 3,2012

- RH bill is really a population control bill

- Metro manila is the overpopulated one because of wrong government policy and corruption.

- birth control has a negative side on rich countries like Germany, Japan. Their fertility/birth rate is on the negative side. Problems on aging population

- Other countries(in regards to aging population problem) are already fixing their population but the Philippines are being conned to control its population

- China will lose its quarter of its population because of "One Child Policy"

- It is wrong to control population. It is also wrong to blame the poor on population.

- Life longevity is the reason on the rise of population.

- kahirapan at paggutom di dahil sa populasyon. Dahil ito sa korupsyon, maling policy.

- na maaaring mag-anak ng marami ang mga mayayaman, pero ang mahihirap hindi maaari

- RH bill is anti-poor

- maraming anak ang kayamanan nang mga tao, kamay na tutulong sa kanila sa hanapbuhay

- why it was delayed for decades because there was no need for it because it was already being done by executive orders and laws

- implementation is what is needed

- provision on RH bill will encourage abortion

Video of Tito Sotto Speech on September 3

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