Robert Carabuena Apologizes in Public

Robert Carabeuna the person who assaulted or "bullied" an MMDA traffic officer has issued a public apology in the MMDA office today.

Robert Carabeuna is the motorist that apparently assaulted an MMDA officer and was caught in video. Click here for the video, MMDA officer bullied by civilian.

He issued a public apology in the MMDA office today, August 23, 2012. Notable phrases in this apology is how he pleads with MMDA chairman Tolentino not to revoke his driving liscence.

Here is a full text picture of Robert Carabuena's public apology. 

Charmain Tolentino has reiterated that the assault charge will still push through even with this public apology. What is not said is if the revocation of his driving liscence would stop.

I think the public apology is not enough. Forgiving is one thing but forgetting is different. He made this gesture to minimize the damage this has done with his reputation. The driving licence revocation must have forced him to do this gesture.

Source: Yves Gonzales, MMDA

Robert Carabeuna public apology video. I will post the full apology speech if I find it.


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