Wally and Jose Manalo How do the rich eat?

Wally and Jose in the Dabarkads segment of Eat bulaga teaching us how the rich or socialite eat. For a show that is older than 30 years old, they still manage to create some of the funniest segments on TV and the combination of wally and jose manalo is a comedic gold mine.

Here is a video of Wally and Jose - "paano kumain ang sosyal"

Paranaque plane crash video

Here is the video of the paranaque plane crash moments before the impact. From the looks of it, the plane has some form of engine trouble.

They say that the pilot is a veteran pilot but does not have a lot of experience flying this aircraft. Government is stating that it is pilot error because a good experienced pilot will use the rudder or angle the plane a bit so it can be stabilized. I believe that he might not have enough time to maneuver the aircraft because of the low altitude and slow speed.

It is a little bit fortunate that this happen on the weekends because a school was terribly hit in this incident.

The commercial that launched Nikki Gil

The  coke commercial that has brought success to Nikki Gil. This was her first commercial and a singing one at that. Even if Nikki Gil has made a name for herself, her family is already established as a showbiz family in the Philippines.

Unexpected funny moments from supreme court spokeperson midas marquez

Funny gay moment from the supreme court spokeperson attorney midas marquez when a microphone suddenly falls down. This one was from a news conference for the supreme court ruling about the TRO of the watchlist order for Gloria macapagal arroyo. This was the last moments or after a few moments the official statement has been said. The girly or gay gesture from midas marquez might mean nothing in the USA, but that gesture is only done by girls and sometimes gays.

Sharon cuneta given 1 billion to go TV5

Sharon Cuneta was supposedly given a 1 billion contract by TV5 to go sign with them. Sharon cuneta has neither confirmed nor denied that she was given a 1 billion pesos contract by TV5 but on one interview, she used words that can mean TV5 has given her 1 billion pesos or a substantial amount for her signing with TV5. The sharon cuneta 1 billion pesos contract was for 5 years with tv shows and sit-comes and other shows yet unspecified.

When asked if people say that he is not loyal with abs-cbn which is her first Tv network, she has said that 23 years of her life was with abs-cbn which means that loyalty was given due. And 23 years was half of her life that said enough about her loyalty.

If the 23 years is correct and she is now 48, then that loyalty is really not a question here but the suddeny signing and her denying that he will sign with TV5 is why people question her loyalty. 1 billion pesos for 5 years is extremely high even for businessmen in the country. That is 200 million a year for the 5 year TV contract. And if you convert 1 billion pesos to us dollars(43 php to 1 usd), then it will be 23 million US dollars. The only other showbiz personality with this very high contract is Willie revillame which has also signed with TV5. Willie supposedly was given 5 million pesos per taping. And his only show is on air for 6 days a week or even 7 days a week. 312 days(minus sundays no holidays) X 5 million which is 1 billion 516 million pesos a year.

Gloria arroyo renting the St lukes room for 50 thousand pesos a day

Gloria arroyo which is now in hospital arrest was supposedly renting a room in St. lukes taguig for 50 thousand pesos a day. St lukes has confirmed that there is a hospital room that is costing 50 thousand pesos a day which is their suite room but St. lukes has not confirmed if gloria arroyo is renting out that room.

If my belief is correct, Gloria arroyo is renting a room in St lukes for more than 20 days now. She has been in the hospital since October if i can remember correctly which means that if the 20 days is correct, she has now spend more or less 1 million pesos on the room alone. If you add the cost they have spend for the supreme court for their TRO which is 2 million pesos, they have spend more than 3 million pesos in just less than a month. I didn't even include the 3 times they have booked a flight.

I just hope that she is not spending the public or the people's money as she is still a house representative with a pork barrel.

Gloria macapagal arroyo mugshots

Gloria arroyo's mugshot was leaked today via social networking sites like facebook. There was also a tabloid with the gloria's mugshot as its front page. the mugshot was not released for the public by the courts for the request of gloria arroyo's lawyers.

Update: Here is the link that was one of the first websites that have leaked the video. Link here.

Gloria macapagal arroyo given an arrest warrant

Gloria macapagal arroyo was given an arrest warrant by the Pasay regional court regarding the economic sabotage case.

But there it is still unconfirment if she will not be given a mugshot or fingerprinting. Nor house arrest or hospital arrest. Gloria macapagal arroyo is still in taguig st lukes.

Cute selecta super thick ice cream commercial

Cute selecta super thick ice cream commercial featuring carminna villaroel, husband zoren legaspi and their kids. The kids or specifically the girl is the real lead on this commercial and other commercials that features this local pinoy celebrity family. The girl I know for sure will be a great actress someday. But back from the video, I have tasted this selecta super thick ice cream and it is reallythick but it fell when I tried the things they did in this commercial LOL.

Gloria Arroyo stopped at Naia

Apparently, DOJ has ordered people in Naia to stop and hold Gloria macapagal arroyo's passport at the airport. This has happened this evening Nov. 15. Gloria arroyo was without his husband when this has happened. Some news are saying that she has now gone back to St lukes taguig.

Some people that is allied with gloria macapagal arroyo wants De lima the DOJ secretary disbarred because of stopped gloria macapagal arroyo at the airport. There has been some rumors that the supreme court can even contempt the government which I don't know what will happen after that because it has a fine and a jail time of 6 months max. How can you "jail" the philippine government?

Gloria arroyo leaving tonight after temporary restraining order

Gloria macapagal arroyo and his husband mike arroyo they say will leave the Philippines this evening november 15 after the supreme court granted them a temporary restraining order for the DOJ watch list order.

Gloria arroyo and his husband has already bought airline tickets for their depature on their supposed medical treatments.

A fight that Marquez should have won

The third installment of the pacquiao vs marquez trilogy that Marquez should have won.

I can say I am an avid fan of pacquiao but because I also listen to reason and logic and not just an obsessed fan like most of my countrymen unfortunately, Marquez is the only fighter that can negate Pacquiao's massive volume punches and power. I can even say that not even Mayweather can stop Pacquiao. Marquez's style of fighting is to let the opponent hit him while taking chance on a counter punch which in his case counter combinations. This style have been mostly successful so far against other boxers while Pacquiao's style is blazing fast combinations, great footwork and ofcourse power behind those combinations. While this is super effective, it has its one flaw which is Marquez's style of fighting.

In this third pacquiao marquez fight, Pacquiao is the top dog because he has already been fighting in this weight and very comfortable on this weight unlike Marquez who gained weight for this fight and lost on the last time he tried it(with mayweather). I can see that Marquez is in top form this time with this weight gain.

In the pacquiao vs marquez 3 fight, Marquez even with low volume punches, have negated Pacquiao's fast combinations and power by back pedaling and doing counter punches. If you have watched the whole fight, you can see that even if Pacquiao is the  one who has done all the offense, those offenses hit him harder than Marquez did because of those counters. In the whole fight, you can just count with your fingers or just your right hand on how many combinations Pacquiao have thrown that cleanly hit Marquez. The earlier rounds can be given as a draw but the middle rounds clearly showing that Marquez is controlling the fight with Pacquiao getting enticed to go inside and taking a hit almost all the time. The last 3 rounds is clearly for pacquiao but it is only on these 3 rounds that Pacquiao has clearly won a round.

The november 13 pacquiao marquez 3 fight should have been won by marquez because of negating pacquiao's speed and power and taking control of the whole fight. I can see that the fight is so close but I always say that the one who controls the flow of the fight wins the fight. Clearly Marquez should have won or should have been a draw but not a win for Pacquiao.

As the third fight is so controversial, can we say quadrilogy?

Pacquiao vs Marquez November 13 3rd encounter

Pacquiao vs juan manuel marquez 3rd fight this coming november 12.

The fight is november 12 US time or november 13 philippine time where pacquiao originated. This pacquiao and marquez fight will be the 3rd fight between boxers. Which the first came to a tie and the second a decision of pacquiao. While Marquez is contesting that he won the first two fights even if it happened more than 5 years ago, this was a reason that pacquiao is holding a grudge and want this fight to be the final nail on the coffin of who really did won those fights.

Pacquio said that he is really serious about this fight and wants to let people now through the boxing ring who won those past pacquiao vs marquez fights and to stop questions who really won those fights.

This marquez vs pacquiao 3 fight will happen in the welterweight category even if the first pacquaio marquez fight happened in the featherweight catergory. This weight category is the second for marquez and the first being with mayweather that resulted in a lose while pacquiao has already some fights in this weight and already in touch with this weight category.

some boxing analyst that pacquiao will win via TKO in round 6 but I am betting that it will be earlier than that if pacquiao is really serious about this fight.

You can watch pacquiao vs marquez 3 fight online via HBO or watch it via pacquaio marquez pay per view.

Some opinions noynoy youtube interview

This is a follow up from my noynoy november 4 youtube interview post.

I was eagerly watching on what will noynoy our president say about the current problems and some plans in the future. I was a little bit disappointed because some of his answers is almost identical on what he said during his last sona speech. And some just plain disspointing. Anyway, here are my opinions on some of noynoy's answers in some questions that came up during noynoy's youtube interview.

Overall, it revolves around anti-corruption. Most answers given by noynoy will suddenly go to the anti-corruption scenario especially his answer about jeepney as the main cause of pollution in the philippines. He relates anti-corruption with this question by saying that the smoke belching test was corrupt. Noynoy also said that the budget is enough but only hindered by corruption. Noynoy even said that we are underspending. Noynoy said in the youtube interview that the Philippines will purchase more military support vehicles, patrol boats, helicopters and 3-4 more of the hamilton class cutter ships.

But here are the major questions that everyone wants to hear what is noynoy's stand on this situations.

When asked about the mindanao situation, noynoy said that he will not go on an all out war. He will go to the root cause of the problem which is hunger and education. I am disappointed about this one because there would be no infrastructure like school buildings if war is just around the corner. The terrorist groups keeps on attacking even if there is an imposed peace treaty between them and the government. As history goes, we cannot let the terrorist shape our future and hinder the improvement of Mindanao by just standing idly by not doing anything about it. I am afraid that in the new future, MILF will get so strong that it will be a treat to the whole country and not just parts of mindanao.

When asked about the RH bill, noynoy didn't say that he does not support it but he said that he supports the responsible parenthood bill more than the RH bill because it gives people the choice on what to do and not force them to do it. From my perspective, there are already bills just like the responsible parenthood bill but no bills like the RH bill. So in a way, it will just be a failed bill, while the best solution the RH bill will just be left to dust or just be forgotten. I was a little bit disappointed that noynoy didn't take a firm stand on this RH bill issue. My guess is he does not want to aggrevate the church which is one of his biggest supporters.

When asked about the extrajudicial killings and fixing the flawed justice system, Noynoy said that the justice system is enough and is working. He also weirdly reiterated that just being charged for a crime but not convicted is enough and a proof that our justice system is working. I strongly disagree with this one. Only the rich can attain justice in this country and by noynoy's saying it is fixed or enough, he has trampled the efforts or the pain of the poor or the ones that cannot get any justice.

I am little bit glad that he mentioned in some parts of several answers to several questons about green energy or electic tricycle, buses and jeeps. And upgrading our transportation from island to island.

I was also disappointed that there is no question about the impending energy crisis that will happen in 2020 but a little bit glad that there are no questions about his lifestyle and love life.

Overall, Noynoy's concern is anti-corruption, education. and infrastructure. For me it is not enough, our nations ongoing security issues, not planning for the future will bite as back in the future.

Noynoy november Youtube world view interview

Well they say this is the first time that youtube world view has interviewed someone in asia and the first being our president benigno aquino III. For those that does not know the youtube world view, it is a live streaming interview of a person which the questions is given by the viewers or users and not the interviewee. It is one of the stunts to let popular or powerful figures to get in touch with there constituents. Some of the people that has already been interviewed in youtube world view was James Cameron which is the the current british prime minister and Bono the front man of the rock band U2. Just like them, Noynoy aquino the philippine president will answer questions that was asked by viewers.

This pnoy november 4 youtube world view interview is already finished, there are some interesting facts and interesting answers given by noynoy aquino to the questions of the viewers.

From this noynoy youtube interview, He said that he will not go on an all out war with the terrorist which is the MILF. He also said in this video that the justice system does not need any reform, and just being charged is enough to say that the justice system is sound. There was also a question about the Rh bill. Noynoy said that he is not supporting it. He will support the responsible parenthood bill.

Their was also a planned incentives to families that will let their children go to school and get vaccinated. For a month of their children going into school and getting vaccinated, they will get a cash incentive but this plan is only for 2 million families. Some of his points about, island to island transportation, education, anti-corruption, green initative and such was already given by pnoy during his last Sona.

Anyway, here is the noynoy november 4 youtube world view interview video.

Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit Part 4

Part 4 of michael V's street magic skit. Balloon seller is furious lol.

Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit Part 3

Part 3 of  michael V's street magic skit. The one with the disappearing watch made me laugh.

Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit Part 2

Part 2 of  michael V's street magic skit. Levitation through escalator lol.

Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit

Funny michael v spoof of david blaine and criss angel doing some street magic. I really laughed when he used a larger than ordinary playing card on his first trick. This was for michael v's show called "yari ka" it is like just for laughs but with more elaborate longer tricks just like this one. Michael v is one of the funniest comedian in the philippines that has been around since the 80's but gain prominence and popularity during the 90's by doing comedy shows on tv. There are some parts of this michael v yari ka david criss street magic skit that I will post soon.

The quality is a little bad because it is gotten from a recording the tv by phone. At least the sound quality is good.

Weird yet funny pinoy barrel man

Weird yet funny pinoy barrel man figurine. I really don't know what is the story behind the barrel man figurine of the Philippines or why it has become one of the most given souvenir in the Philippines especially if you are a foreigner or a "balikbayan". You can only buy this barrel man carving in the provinces but there are already shops that sells them in the capital but I still haven't seen them in malls.

Funny ramon bautista skit D Ramons

Funny ramon bautista skit talking about his band D ramons. I don't know who the girl is but the people playing the instruments are actually the band called The Dawn minus the real vocalist. The one in the keyboard used to be a member of a more popular but now extinct band called the eraserheads.

Ramon bautista has a certain kind of comedy that I cannot call slapstick but they are indeed funny.

Funny manny pacquaio datu puti true story advertisement

Funny manny pacquiao datu puti advertisement explaining how he became a champion. I laughed that a Freddie Roach lookalike is there and also a may weather Jr lookalike of some sort. Guess that was his first knockout lol.

Funny ramon bautista gas boy skit

Funny comedian ramon bautista trying to be a gas boy. Whole picture lol!

Funny Jollibee on top of a Jeep

Funny jollibee mascot dancing and acting crazy on top of a jeepney. For those that does not know, jollibee is a mascot for a fastfood chain in the Philippines. This is really the first time I have seen something like this and I don't see any "good advertising" with jumping and dacing on top of a jeepney. I also find it funny that the background is a mcdonalds store.

Bearwin meily's magic tricks

Bearwin meily's was mostly known for being a comedian in movies and tv shows in the Philippines but he also have another trick on his sleeve and in this case, his cards just like what david blain is doing. His tricks are almost identical with david blaine but with a few variations and some new ones that I haven't seen before. Unfortunately, the sit-com failed and there are only youtube videos of it. Here is one of them.

Magic tricks and illusions in the Philippines are still mostly done by weird clown using the same old hidden rooms and hidden boxes that you would see in a children's party. I am just a little bit happy that we now have some magicians for adults and not just for kids.

Willie Revillame Cheating in game shows

Well this might be a old video but because Willie Revillame is still doing game shows but with another network(TV 5 willing willie), Cheating can still be used somehow to let the show be profitable. That is why I hate  seeing boxes being used in game shows because they might pull this stunt again. We all know that the producers, staff in wowowee is still the staff in willing wille. There might not be cheating today but we don't know about tommorow. I am just saying be vigilant.

Here is the old wowowee clip showing a box with the numbers in it that is Willie Revillame has mistakenly opened.

Funny Speech by Senator Miriam defensor Santiago

Funny speech of Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in a RH bill forum in UP. We all know that she has some smart comebacks especially if people are instigating her but here are some of her original and some copied jokes that are truly funny. Where would you see in the world a high ranking publicly elected official that also knows how to make people laugh.

The camera is a little shaky and the audio is a little bit soft but the uploader has added a transcript of it.
Here is the link of the transcript of the funny speech by Senator Miriam Santiago.

I have also seem some of here older speeches that are also funny but this is the one that is full and complete.

Radioactive Sago Project- Gusto ko nang Baboy

Another song from the only known reggae sounding band from the philippines. The english translation is I want a pig. The song is a story about how everything is a pig, how he desperately wants a pig and so on.  The term pig can be associated as corrupt in this song. This song is sort of a rant of some sort on how everything is corrupted. One of their more political songs and one that did not have the lighter feel of an Astro one of their other songs that I have posted here.

They still have better songs than this one but it is one of the songs that can be counted as a political statement too so that is why I added it here. Radioactive Sago Project is still playing gigs but not as big as when they are really popular 3-4 years ago.

Jetski in the floods

People jet skiing while it is flooding in the philippines.  This happened when the typhoon ondoy hit the philippines.

But this is really not the first man that did it in the Philippines. The first time this happened was an earlier typhoon that flooded manila for days. The first jetskied event happened in front of UST. Camera phones are not that prominent then so I could not find any videos on it in youtube but I have found some pics off it. As a UST student myself, they say that you are not a student of this school if you didn't experience a flood which in my case is true because it did happened to me more than once.

Here is the pic of it. Can't seem to find the other one where he is waving in front of the camera.

Rey valera and michael v singing a spoof song

funny Rey valera and michael v singing a spoof of songs by  Rey Valera. Michael V is famous of remaking songs so they will be funny just like weird al yankovic but mostly local  pinoy songs.

Funny francis m and ramon bautista rap battle

Funny pinoy francis magalona and ramon bautista rap battle(palistuhan) Nescafe commercial. This is from my last post on how master rappe ramon bautsita want to rap battle with francis M. I guess this is a good next post to it. The love sign is really his favorite move lol.

Funny master rapper ramon bautista skit

Funny master rapper ramon bautista skit In this skit, he is explaining how he became a master rapper. There are other videos about master ramon bautista and I will add it here soon.

Here is my favorite lines in this video:
Baa Baa Black sheep
Have you any wool???
Yes Sir... Yes Sir... three bags... or four

Suplado tips skit by ramon bautista

funny pinoy skit by ramon bautista on how being a snob or suplado changed his life. The book and the person he is acknowledging in this skit is real. I guess this is just a promotional stunt of some sort.

Cool man with 60 voices

Cool man with 60 voices showing his talents in wowowee. I think he has more voices in youtube. The Erap Estrada is a little bit bad but overall its great.

Funny Empoy coffee and bread skit

Funny commedian empoy kape at tinapay skit. I think he was supposed to be in italy or somewhere in europe in this skit but because of being a low budget show, he looks like he is an old historic neighborhood in manila.

Well even if this skit is funny, it shows one of the habits of filipinos to dip their bread in their coffee. I have seen relatives and friends overseas doing this and the waiter or local people are bewildered on what they are doing. You may have weird glances when you do it, but if you want it that way then why not!

Funny Wowowee contestant thanking GMA network

Another wowowee contestant thanking GMA network a rival TV network. This was a time when the Wowowee show is still just new. Glad that Pokwang saved the day.

This was the first contestant thanking a rival show.

Radioactive sago project - Astro

Radio active sago project is one of the few local pinoy bands that have an old jazzy indie film with their songs. Astro is one that propelled them into stardom. The video is funny too which is really a good addition.

Another attack targeting mangudadatu

Another attack targeting Datu mangudadatu who was the victim of the maguindanao massacre has experienced  a car bomb in tacurong, Sultan Kudarat this past August 17. It is both fortunate that Datu mangudadatu survived this car bomb but unfortunately people not involved and just in the wrong time and in the wrong place died because of it. While there is still no reports who orchestrated this attack, we can assume that this is a personal attack meant to silence mangudadatu.

Funny Wowowee show playing joey de leon songs

Funny Phillipine show wowowee playing a joey de leon song called "I tak tak mo". Joey De leon is a host in the direct rival show of Wowowee.

It was a big deal back then because the show is competing for advertisers.

Koko Pimentel proclaimed as senator

Koko pimentel proclaimed as senator. This is following zubiri's resignation. The comelec has awarded Koko pimentel the senate seat when they have recounted the ballots during the 2007 elections.

Funny Allan K teeth falling off

Funny allan K accidentally teeth falling off in one live tv show. I think this is from "eat bulaga" Funny unscripted moments from a comedian.

Funny pinoy pepsi action scene advertisement

Funny pepsi "sa akin and pinas" action scene commercial. This is one of the funniest commercial I have seen and maybe the first memorable pepsi commercial I have seen. My favorite part are the ugly scene and the clown scene.

Can't wait if there would be another one made or a sequel.

man blames reporter for flooding his car

Man blames reporter and other people in the streets not informing him that the flood is already high enough when he has driven into it. His car eventually becomes a submarine.

Well his name is Christoper lao and he was pretty rude and arrogant blaming others for his own mistake. He is not one of the trending topic in twitter.

Here is the video of Christoper lao speaking to a reporter after he made his car like a submarine.

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri resigns

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri resigned today because of accusations that he benefited from cheating during the 2007 election. There has been talks about the cheating because of the former comelec officials witnessing the cheating or one of the supposed collaborators of the cheating.

Nora Aunor back in the Philippines

Nora aunor came back in the philippines this tuesday August 2, 4 am in the morning. She is announced that he has some projects with TV-5 or the kapatid network in the Philippines.

Cool pinoy rock legends red horse advertisement

Cool pinoy red horse beer commercial with local rock and roll legends. Well I can only name two of them and they are one of the few local rock band artist that I adore which is Pepe smith and Ely buendia.  Pepe Smith was the vocalist of a late 60's rock band called juan dela cruz band and Ely Buendia is the vocalist of a very popular mid 90's to early 2000 rock band called Eraserheads.

When everyone was listening to n'sync, backstreet boys and other pop bands, I am listening to local bands like eraserheads. I guess my parents were the one that influenced me because they always listen to old/current local songs when I was young like yano, sampaguita, hotdogs, VST and company, Eraserheads among others(hmm as a eraserheads fan, I might as well write a post just for them in the near future or after this post LOL.)

I don't know the other artist in this video but I have some clue what bands they are in but I am not too sure. Can anyone comment about the names and the band so I can write it here?

Philippine football azkals home game against kuwait losing again 1-2

The philippine football azkals lost again against the much better team kuwait with a score of 1-2. The same problems encountered with the first game against kuwait is the same problem seen with this game. No defenders, and outmatched players.

Well the Philippines lost on qualifying for the world cup this coming 2014, we might not have another chance on making this far because most of the players as sad to say are imports and most or some would definitely go to the local showbiz scene which is quite peculiar for me.

The Philippines' love for football maybe short-lived after all.

Kobe Bryant, Derrick rose, Kevin durant getting $400,000 in the Philippines

Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant getting $400,000 each when they played this past week in the Philippines. I can say that that is easy money considering that those two games are just exhibition games and not real competitive games.

I am just glad they didn't get Lebron or else we might see him choke!!

Gloria Arroyo adviced to go under surgery

Gloria arroyo was adviced to go under surgery because of problems with his cervical spine. I find it somewhat amusing that it happened on the day of noynoy's Sona.

noynoy's Sona: Wang Wang

Noynoy aquino held his 2nd state of the nation address july 25. His Sona starts with using the wang wang initiative last year. Where no politicians will use the sirens on the streets. He relates that wang wang mentality to corrupt people in the government and relating wang wang to the state of mind of the people that politicians abusing their power.

It is a little bit forced to use the wang wang or sirens to relate his initiative to stop corruption and to make politicians accountable to the people but he used it anyway. Using the term "wang wang" for more than 20 times.

His speech does not contain his plans in the future but more of what he did in this past year and some revelations of corruption in the government. I really liked his part of the speech with pagcor's 1 billion peso coffee.

I also like the part where he will push our plight with spratley islands in the UN which should have been done decades before but buying one hamilton class ship is not to be proud off when you consider the thousands of ships against you.

Here is a picture of a hamilton class ship which from the looks of it is the only role is to navigate the seas and be a lookout.

And the appointment of retired supreme court associate Conchita Carpio-morales as the new ombudsman which is supported by his secretaries but not all of his allies especially in the senate and the lower house.

Here is a picture of thew new ambassador Conchita Carpio-morales

Even if most of the public do not know the moody's rating and its upgrading of our rating, this means that foreign investors are assured that the government will work with them and not against them. The rating with the anti-trafficking means we can have new grants from the US.

I always believe in Noynoy to be better than other presidential in our last presidential election but I somewhat disappointed that I didn't hear any plans for the future but somewhat a guarantee that he will try to stop corruption in our government even trying to warn his allies of former wrong doings.

Funny pinoy tinapantastik food duel advertisement

Funny pinoy first to eat their food wins tinapantastick advertisement. At first I thought he acts like he stabs himself while falling down. Guess it wasn't might have been funnier too.

Kuwait against philippine azkals, azkals became asocena

Philippine football team called azkals was eaten alive in the field against the kuwait football team to 0-3 hence the term asocena. For those who didn't know asocena is a dog meat dish which I hate because I am a dog lover but the term really describes what happened in the football field.

The Philippine football team Azkals was beaten so bad that they somehow look like amateurs in the football field. The during the first early minutes of the game, you can see the difference in skill with the two teams. You can see the excellent footwork, skill, and team play of the kuwait team while the philippine football team Azkals are desperate on matching them on the field. The first goal of the kuwait team shows the lackluster defense of the Azkals that 2 men are just standing while one was easily evaded so the kuwait given a open look at the goal. After the 2nd goal, the philippine Azkals members show no effort on going to the counter-attack and even their defense has diminished. The 3rd goal just like the first goal shows weak defence and even a weaker counter offensive making this football match a one sided kicking match in the last minutes of the game.

A sad day for the Philippines indeed. Next match would be in the Philippines and the Azkals need 4-0 to win or 3-0 to tie with this leg.

Funny pinoy teeth falls off in a gma show

Funny pinoy "pustiso nahulog" on live tv. Well this is from a variety show called eat bulaga in the philippines and one segment called pinoy henyo or smart pinoy in english. The game is you guess what is written in your head and your partner can only answer with an yes or a no. A game that I have tried once and it is fun.

I guess with him being losing and addtional live embarrassment on TV and in youtube, at least he will be popular on something.

Mcdonalds philippines no ketchup for you

If you have recently ordered a drive-thru or a take out or what you call "to go" in mcdonalds food chains/stores in the Philippines and you ordered a burger, you will see that they will not given you any catsup in your bag. Did you know that if you ordered anything that don't have any french fries in them, you will not given any catsup at all? 

Folks having ketchup in your order is not a regular or common thing anymore. If you asked some ketchup, they will say that we are in no way obliged to give you any ketchup because you haven't ordered any french fries but because you have asked we will think about it.I have recently in talks with some of the customer assistance of Mcdonalds through their call center and all I get is the same response ( I even said the customer is always right but to no effect). I really cannot think reasons why they have chosen to make their burgers ketchup free. Are the burgers perfect enough that you would not need any ketchup at all? Or is there some kind of "special sauce" that if touched by ketchup it will taste bad(hmm maybe even explode).

I really cannot fathom that a fastfood chain will stop its customers enjoying the food they ordered in their own way. 

I maybe a little bit over the top but saying the customer has no right to ask but needs to beg for ketchup. Bad management to the extreme.

That is why I am enjoying the bee's burger with ketchup YUM!

Oral B mouthwash recall

Oral-B philippines mouthwash recall. This past two days there is a voluntary recall of one product of Oral-B mouthwash because of high microbial content. They say that people are generally not in danger but those with compromised immune system might be in danger by that bacteria.

Opinion: It maybe technically safe, but it is better to be safe than sorry. We also don't know what bacteria it is because this is the early stages of testing.

Nostalgic pinoy family rubbing alchohol advertisement

Nostalgic "kung di lang pampamilya pang sports pa" family rubbing alcohol commercial. The referee here is named Carlos Padilla if all can you remember is the referee in thrilla in manilla with Muhammand Ali. He is somewhat popular because his family is in the showbiz industry. He is also the only internationally sanctioned referee in the philippines.

This commercial is more than 30 years old now but it is still being shown sometimes on RPN9. If you are alive these past 30 years and counting, I can say that there would be no way for you to not see this advertisement because of its running time and its somewhat catchy phrase. The phrase was used as a slang, made into a spoof by some comedy show and sometimes still being used as a filler joke.

Zaldy ampatuan not asking to be a state witness

This is an update to this post http://akinpinoy.blogspot.com/2011/07/zaldy-ampatuan-asking-to-be-state.html.

Apparentely Zaldy ampatuan is not asking to be a state witness but just willing to give his testimonies that is against his brother and father.

Opinion: I really find it odd that he is not asking anything for giving his testimony that will hurt his families credibility including his own. I also can't shake the feeling that there is something behind the scenes going on between the Ampatuan side, the victims side and the government. I am also a bit worried that DILG secretary Robredo surprise news covered visit with Zaldy in his cell. Hmm... the coffee is brewing...

My opinion on Sara Duterte punching a sheriff

This is a continuation with one of my post about the Davao City Mayour Sara Duterte punching a sheriff.

I always believe that those who are on office or those who are working or elected in the government must be a role model for all his constituents or for all the people on that country. Punching someone on the face is not a way to act in public with or without the camera shooting it. Asking your bodyguards to restrain the running sherriff then pointing your finger in his face is outmost demeaning to the man and you are acting as a barbarian with power in public.

The sheriff which is just there to give the order of the demolition, is left powerleft while Sara Duterte's bodyguards restraining him to run or even defend himself.

Why do we elect people that is so consumed with power that they believe they can do anything they like. We are not sympathetic when some young actress is pregnant because that is her "fault" but sympathetic to the Davao Mayor even if she punched an helpless man on the face.

Now I know what I will do with people that I have a disagreements with, punch them in the face then call people to restrain him while I hammer him with words and fingers. A sad day for the philippines. It's already the 21st century and our politicians are acting like little dictators.

Zaldy Ampatuan asking to be a state witness

Zaldy Ampatuan one of the alleged Ampatuan family members that has conspired to to the Maguindanao massacre or the Mangudadatu massacre is asking the government to be a state witness against his brother and his father and even the late president Gloria macapagal arroyo.

The DOJ secratary De lima does not really want to grant him to be a state witness because to be a state witness, you must be one of the lesser accused and not one of the perpetrators, His evidence is old news according to De lima because there are already witness that can be used by the prosecution to strengthen this case.

Update: The lawyer of the victims of the massacre was shocked that the DILG secrtary Robredo is the one lobbying for Zaldy Ampatuan to be a state witness to the president. He also said in an DZMM interview why did a department secretary with no connection so ever adviced the president about this issue.

Opinion: I really do not agree that one of the biggest contributors to the massacre will be state witness. This is just like the Erap jueteng incident again. Back to the story, I can't believe that there is somebody near the president that is lobbying for the accused even if this is one of the promises of the current president. This might be a make or break to the credibility of the president. With his popularity going down, this might be the final nail in the coffin.

Rumor: Azkals members accused of rape

There are rumors going around the interned that Several members of the Philippine national footbal team the Azkals was supposedly accused of raping a girl in the house of the team manager of Azkals which is Dan Palami. The alleged members are Jason Sabio,Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario and Simon Greatwich.

The incident happened when the suspected Azkals members are on a bar and when a girl willingly accepted an invitation to the house of Dan Palami which is used as a halfway house for foreign Azkal members that still has no house in the Philippines. The girl supposedly already filed charges against the Azkals members.

Update: Paul Weiler a former instructor of the Azkals was the one that exposed this story in the internet especially in blogs. There was also a supposed video of the alleged crime that one of the accused Azkal members was supposedly took in the act of the crime.

Opinion: While this story may be damaging if true, the internet is full of this stories which can be just a made up story of someone who is just jealous of the popularity of the Azkal members or just want to be an instant celebrity in the internet. There has been reports of a name of the alleged victim of this crime but we still don't know if this Azkal rape rumor is true unless that victim reveals her story in the media or if there are really charges filed against the Azkals which can be easily done by reading the records of the court.

I just hope that this story is not true because it is damaging to the credibility of the Azkal members and if true, really damaging to the supposed victim.

Funny purefoods goodbye food advertisement

Funny purefoods girl writing on diary the foods that she will not eat anymore but didn't exclude hotdogs commercial. I can't remember when I have watched this advertisement but I know I am just a little kid back then.

Funny nestea store owners dancing advertisement

Funny nestea various store owners dancing on the street while singing commercial. The last one is really funny but the last bit was not shown on national television which is a little bit sad.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte punched a sheriff

Davao city Mayor Sara Duterte "nanuntok" or punched a sheriff on a heated demolition of illegal settlers.

Update: Davao city mayor Sara Duterte left the office temporarily and given the vice mayor his father in charge. His father on a press conference, given the middle finger on the media expressing his anger to the Sheriff.

Update: There are people who wants Sara Duterte to be disbarred because she is a lawyer. There are also some who wants her out of the office.

Funny pinoy man having an serious itch commercial

Funny pinoy man having an serious itch in unexpected places nizoral cream advertisement. This is not just wrong but its akward! LOL

Funny pinoy man squirming advertisement

Funny pinoy man squirming because he wants to poop commercial diatabs commercial. That boy is nasty! LOL

funny pinoy biscuit eye ball advertisement

Funny pinoy bingo biscuit eye ball commercial. Well I have encountered this scenario before but I usually stick with it whether she lied or not. I guess this case, she didn't. LOL

Funny pinoy energy drink car battery needs recharging advertisement

Funny pinoy sting energy drink man recharges car battery by drinking an energy drink and dancing commercial. I guess i will just dance like vanilla ice and problem solved! LOL

funny pinoy bubbles christmas tree advertisement

Funny pinoy tide commericial about a lady cleaning her clothes and listening to a radio drama then mindlessly create a christmas tree out of bubbles. I do not remember seeing this video on the telly but from the looks of it, this is just for the month of december so I must have missed it. Christmas is a hectic time here.

Funny pinoy biscuit commercial "I Hate Me"

Funny pinoy biscuit commericial about a man getting late with his date and he slapping and scolding himself. It would be really funny if this happens. Can anyone try this out? LOL

Funny pinoy advertisement about mistaken the gender advertisement

funny pinoy advertisement about a man in a bar hooking up with what he presumed to be a female that is a skycable advertisement. I am glad that there is also a subtitle included in it.

It would be really weird when this thing happen. I am just glad that nothing like this has happened to me before or even anything like it.

Sorry for the long delay on update internet was down T_T

Sorry for the long delay on update internet was down T_T

Funny pinoy ramon bautista david blaine spoof

Funny pinoy ramon bautista spoofing some david blaine magic tricks. When ramon bautista did this spoof, he is not that popular but already been as an extra from a TV show. I really like the spoof about the how many seconds underwater.

Funny pinoy chippy acting interview advertisement

funny chippy acting interview advertisement. Getting acting tips because of junk food lol.

Funny pinoy chippy basketball tryouts advertisement

funny philippine chippy basketball tryouts but given to cheerdance team instead. Well the cheerdance coach looks like Lito Camo lol.

Funny chippy pinoy horror film advertisement

Funny pinoy horror film advertisement. Scared like little girls but getting braver for chippy junk food.

Funny philippine brat little sister advertisement

Funny philippines brat sisters asking to play or for the junk food advertisement. The laugh at the end when the power suddenly shuts off is what made me laugh.

Funny pinoy chippy dance practice adveritsement

Funny pinoy chippy rehearsal advertisement. Guys not getting the dance routine but finally gets it by way of junk food lol. Well for those uninformed, they are practicing for what looks like a form of folk dance from the philippines.

Funny philippine chippy initiation advertisement

Funny pinoy chippy initiation advertisement. Girl wants to join a group of guys but one guy does not want to. She was given a task to open a junk food wrapper with one hand and she obliged lol.

Well I don't know if the biting part is staged meaning that it is "pre-cut" but if not, then that girl is my hero! I am also glad that the background is UST main building( my building lol).

Banned pinoy mcdonalds BF GF advertisement

Banned pinoy mcdonalds girl asking boy if she is his girlfriend but the boy is giving excuses like girls are demanding and such. But the girl just wants some fries advertisement. Well first of all this was banned because of  the dancing of a boy in a tv show called willing willie and not the RH bill. Mcdonalds was kinda forced to pull the plug because the church is a little bit hot on the topic of child abuse because of the dancing and not the RH bill.

I for one can see the point why this advertisement is offensive to some and I agree that it must be taken down but not to the point of charging the company of crimes. Its a real pity that mcdonalds has created some of the most tearjerker heartful advertisement in the Philippines and all they can come up with is a theme that girls can be bought by gifts.

Here is the video

But unfortunately, this video was a copy of a indian McDonalds advertisement. See the similarities.

Now I am thinking if all of those advertisement by McDonalds are just copy of other countries advertisement. I will investigate this.

Funny pinoy KFC stranger smelling your food advertisement

Funny philippine KFC stranger sitting in your table and smelling your food advertisement. If this happened to me, I will gladly give my left hook into that guys chin. But he must be poor because all he is eating is rice!

Funny pinoy bitoy's funniest video celebrity fan delay skit

Funny pinoy bitoy's funniest video a fan wants to take a picture with a celebrity. Well the celebrities here are Manny Pacquiao, Marian Rivera, Carla Abellana and Rochelle panganiban. At least there are sport about it. I have seen celebrities who just walks away when it is taking too long or walks away quickly and stand only for a few seconds.

Funny wowowee contestant thanking eat bulaga for winning the contest

Funny wowowee contestant thanking his competitor when she won a contest. Willie revillame is flabbergasted by it. Free advertisement for Eat bulaga lol

Funny pinoy nestea plunge commercial

funny pinoy nestea people falling in hidden pool advertisement. This was a popular advertisement in the philippines in the early to mid 90's that spawn numerous spoof from gag shows. They have released a new commercial with the same concept this year. I guess use what works.

Guess the idea that drinking nestea is the same as refreshing as swimming in a cool pool

Unfortunately, I can't find the old local version of the nestea plunge so here's the original instead.

Funny pinoy spite i love you piolo commercial

funny pinoy  sprite commercial with piolo pascual and the first time showing of Toni gonzaga on television commercial. Toni gonzaga after this commercial became popular because of his comedy remarks and witty antics. But the funny thing about this one, the two haven't had a movie together.

Funny pinoy KFC smell advertisement

Funny pinoy KFC nice smell in a public vehicle advertisement. Well I have never been on this kind of public vehicle but I have heard that if someone farts everybody will smell it. LOL

funny yet cute child labor in the philippines

funny yet cute staged child labor in the philippines. Well first of all this is staged and second of all she is really good at cleaning. And third, I don't condone any child labor.

Funny pinoy skyflakes hungry and jealous advertisement

Funny pinoy skyflakes hungry and little bit jealous in a car advertisement. This is marian rivera's first commercial. I think it will be 2-3 years after this commercial will marian rivera would be really famous.

I really find here really pretty before but she became a little bit bubbly.

Cool pinoy coke angel and devil advertisement

Cool pinoy coke angel and devil adverisement. Well the angel was enticed to drink coke and if you see this commercial, then you will see that the devil is the one who made coke. I am no conspiracy theoriest but coke is from the devil lol.

funny pinoy diatabs going poop moments advertisement

Funny pinoy diatabs need to poop moments. Haha I personally experienced attending a event that you need to stand for a while and i have an urge to poop. What to did i do? Hold it like a man haha.

Funny pinoy Bayantel my money back advertisement

Funny pinoy bayantel my money back in the bathroom advertisement. Well I have always this problem when doing no.2 in a public restrooms. But the most funny thing about this one is that some bathrooms in the philippines really has a price before you go in then sometimes they will specify no.1 or no.2.

Pretty evident in greenhills. The paid restrooms are in good places and the public ones is so far and obscure. If I can remember it cost 10 php now i think.

Funny pinoy lola bayantel dsl techie playing fps game advertisement

Funny pinoy lola bayantel dsl lola techie playing first person shooter game advertisement. This granny is more hardcore than me hahaha. I don't usually talk when im playing with a mic on even if its on a action packed situation.

Cool pinoy pldt changing courses advertisement

Cool pinoy pldt "suportahan ta ka" changing course advertisement. Well this is one memorable advertisement that spawned a lot of spoofs.

Well I think this is one of the oldest reasons why people in college are having a hard time studying. They are stuck on a course they don't like so there studies suffers.

Funny pinoy fita biscuit one wish advertisement

funny pinoy fita biscuit one with advertisement. Well this is really funny and a tv show bubble gang made spoof's with this one. If she wishes for a lady then he will receive a mananangal ahaha.

Funny nestle drumstick harana advertisement

Funny nestle drumstick man serenading a girl by rapping advertisement. I loved the version A and version B but not so much the version C but it has a somewhat known commedian as the one who slapped him with the newspaper.

His chin and a smile move is so cheesy that if i was there ill slap him not in the back but his face.

Funny pinoy tender juicy hotdog manny pacquiao advertisement

Funny pinoy tender juicy hotdog manny pacquiao advertisement. There is also freddie roach and is that mayweather lol?

Funny pinoy corneto buying a dvd for 20 pesos advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto buying a dvd for 20 pesos advertisement. Well This is really funny. But they should given him a pirated copy or break the cd in half haha.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos energy drink advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto if you only have 20 pesos for an energy drink advertisement. Well there are 20 pesos energy drink in the market so this one is just a filler advertisement so the whole "how far can your 20 pesos go" popularity will not go away.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos sweater advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto what sweater will you get with 20 pesos advertisement. Well I will be freaking out if this was me haha. A gay moment in a public place lol.

Funny pinoy 20 pesos in the horror booth advertisement

Funny pinoy 20 pesos for a ticket in a horror booth advertisement. Well the ticket seller deserves credit. I laughed a bit because of him.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos in a barber advertisement

funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos in a barber  advertisement. Well I haven't tried any 20 pesos barbershop but I have tried more than 100 pesos ones and they sometimes make the same mistake but not deliberately. Some barbers have really have a bad perception if the hair is equal in length.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos in a burger stand advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto how far will  your 20 pesos go in a burger stand advertisement. Well I know a burger joint and most now that there is a 20 pesos burger joint in the philippines. This only stands with mainstream burger joints.

If this happens to my ill throw the burger at the waitress face.

Funny pinoy selecta corneto 20 pesos bouncer entrance advertisement

Funny pinoy selecta corneto 20 pesos as a bribe for the bouncer entrance advertisement. I find it amusing that the bouncer is really feeling it. The acting of the briber is a little sub-par on this one.

Well this is now a string of advertisements on how far will your 20 philippine peso go.

Funny Corneto Failed on a date advertisement

Funny corneto car failing on your date advertisement. Well just like that man in this video, almost all of my dates have some little bit mistakes on them but I will not call them a fail haha. If you plan dates to the letter then you will definitely fail or if your barney from how i met your mother lol.

Cool pinoy mcdonald first love advertisement

Cool pinoy mcdonald first love with eraserheads huling el bimbo singing in the back advertisement. Well Its a little sad that there is no happy ending and the girls smile i think indicate that she still has feelings for him.

Mcdonalds has a lot of good advertisement in the philippines and most of them are always remembered to be tearjerkers or really funny moments. Kudos to those who has the idea for those advertisement.

Funny pinoy bayantel neck advertisement

Funny pinoy bayantel everybody has a stiff neck from using the phone all the time advertisement.

Well this is an unseen bayantel wireless landline phone advertisement. Don't know why they have cancelled showing this advertisement. But it is really clever in a way. I really like how the basketball ring is angled too haha.

Funny Pinoy obama spoof motilium advertisement

Funny pinoy motilium advertisement about a fake obama and a fake gloria macapagal arroyo having dinner. Well I found some funny things about this video because of youtube. When gloria macapagal arroyo is approaching barack obama, is she levitating? haha.

And for those who does not know, motilium is a commercial brand of a drug for constipation.

Funny pinoy pop cola crazy lady advertisement

Funny crazy girl about pop cola advertisement in the philippines. All i can say that i have experienced those heat and the first thing you do after you stepped out the bus is to find the coldest thing you can see.

Funny pinoy canesten clothes sucked by vacuum advertisement

funny canesten sucked clothes advertisement in the philippines. Well more amazed at the power of the vacumm than the power of the cream lol.

Do i see nipples 0:25? OMG This from a advertisement for prime time tv.

Cool pinoy mcdonalds karen po advertisement

Cool mcdonalds karen advertisement for the philippines. This was one of the best and memorable advertisements in its haydays and even shown sometimes in recent tv. One of the most emotional advertisement shown in the philippines.

The actress who portrayed karen in this advertisement has had a successful tv career but suddenly disappeared from prime time.

Cool coke advertisement in the philippines

Cool coke beat game advertisement in the philippines. This pinoy advertisement of coke was so memorable that there was a competition of some sort in one lunch time afternoon. There was also a lot of rumors about the two girls in this video. Like they were kidnapped and such.