Philippine Airline Ticket Buyers, Purchase on 7/11

Philippine Airline has partnered with 7/11 convenience store to make it convenient for consumers to buy their tickets.
Philippine Airlines tickets would be easier to buy now as they have partnered with 7/11. But there is a catch, it is only for users that booked their Philippine Airline tickets online on their website.

Here are the steps if you want to purchase PAL tickets using 7/11
1. Book flight on Philippine airline website(48 hours before flight)
2. Click reserve and hold on summary page
3. add details and print confirmation email
4. Go to your nearest 7/11 with the confirmation email print-out and pay
5. You will be given an E-receipt as well as an email

This was done so people will not line up to pay for their tickets and for users that does not have credit cards. While this is new in the Philippines, It is a common thing worldwide. In some airports, your tickets would be in your mobile wallet app in your smart phone and with just one scan of the screen, your good to go.

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