Cute Alodia gosengfiao doing carameldansen dance

Cute alodia gosengfiao doing carameldansen dance. Well Carameldansen was an swedish song but totaly beloved by anime fans. But with alodia gosengfiao i find her too cute for TV haha. I have a sweet spot for cute anime like girls and she is the fits that description perfectly.

Funny Michael V song hindi ako bakla

funny michael V song hindi ako bakla. Well michael v was really known for making a song's lyrics to a funnier one or as in this case making a unique song altogether.

Funny michael v song dj bombay

Funny michael V song dj bombay. Well its a little bit racist but most pinoys consider those stereotypes correct. I have some indian friends and they are cool.

Funny pinoy mark lapid movie line

Funny mark lapid movie line in the movie "apoy sa dibdib ng samar".

The movie lines
"Saging lang kami pero maghanap ka nang puno sa buong pilipinas saging lang ang may puso, saging lang ang may puso"

For a serious movie, that line is so funny! Script writers here wants some big catchphrase scene and this is what we get.

Cool Pinoy jeepney transformer

Cool pinoy jeepney transformer animation. This is really well made. The movements are fluid but its a little bit cartoony. But for a nonprofessiona lthis is very good.

Cool pinoy carpooling in a motorcycle

Cool pinoy 5 people carpooling in a motorcycle. This is really cool. I want to try this one for ages but i haven't seen one yet. Do the farthest guys balance it or the driver? One wrong move and everybody dies? lol

Cool KFC vs jollibee mascot dance off

Cool KFC vs jollibee mascot dance off in the streets. Don't know how and why they did it but its kinds cool that they are doing that in the middle of the street. The jollibee mascot is a gentleman unlike the KFC one trying to "out cool" him till the last end.

Funny pick up lines skit by camera cafe

funny pick up lines skit by camera cafe. Camera cafe is now a defunct tv show in QTV philippines. Well they are really not a full tv show but like a shortened show for a coffee brand between real shows. I am a little bit saddened because they are really good. Their jokes are not the slapstick one where one humiliates someone to get jokes.

Cool Cat taunting Snake

Cool cat taunting snake with its tail. Its like garfield taunting some snake haha. Don't know cats are that cunning.

Cool two guys kising advertisement by lucky me pancit canton

Cool two guys kising advertisement by lucky me pancit canton. I think this is a parody of the lady and the tramp but still hilarious! This guy is in love with you pare anyone?

Cool Jollibee dancing

Cool jollibee dancing for a childrens party. This bee can really can dance!

Funny Stephen chow advertisement for san miguel beer

Funny stepehen chow advertisement for san miguel beer. I am a little bit amazed that san miguel has a advertisement specifically for taiwan/hongkong area. From the advertisement, all of the actors there are also the actors in shaolin soccer and kung fu hustle making this advertisement looks more interesting for me.

Funny how far is your jeepney ride with 50 centavos

Funny how far can you go on a jeeney ride if you will only pay 50 centavos. Just like always, the drivers will fool you on how much you would pay haha. 50 centavos will get you farther than that haha.

Funny how many candies for 50 centavos

funny how many candies can you buy for 50 centavos. I use to remember the times when 50 centavos can buy you 2 candies but now its more than 1 pesos per candy which is ridiculous. From the minute there i thought what the seller has given is his tooth hahaha. And lastly the website near the end is now gone. Its pointing now to a exercise kind of website.

funny what would you get with 50 centavo in a gas station

funny what would you get with 50 centavo in a gas station. Well not enough cuteness or "prettiness" can give you enough gas. well if my math is correct one liter of gas is 60 pesos now so that would be give you 0.03 liters so bigger than a spoonful. The website in the end of the video is now gone. Used by a exercise kind of site now.

Funny midget wrestling

funny midget wrestling in a makati bar. Don't know why people would like to see this as a show in a bar.

Funny marines scared by tricycle driving

funny marines stationed in the philippines scared by riding a tricycle. Well one consider it a chicken run. A chicken run is two cars on opposide sides of the road and aim each other until one will swerve. I also heard much worse than a military humvee. haha thats basically everyday thing for me haha.

Funny Taglish by suspected criminal

Funny taglish by hit and run suspect in a news clip by gma tv network. All i can say Vroom... roaming haha.  sorry for the bad quality the only one i found with not that much advertisement.

Funny reporter repeating himself on live tv

funny Gma tv network michael fajatin repeating one sentence all over again on live tv. I have watched this when it was live and i for one laughed a bit with this one. Thank goodness somebody uploaded it. I think this is the wee hours of the night but thats no reason for me.

Cool dancing stewardess

cool dancing stewardess by cebu pacific. There has been a lot of scandal of this one because they say the stewardess are being exploited and might be more prone to sexual harrassment. Well exploited no but the sexual harrasment, maybe. But from the dancing, there is nothing vulgar or sexual on their dance.

A great way to let the passengers to listen to you. But if I can remember, cebu pacific caters to local flights so is the dancing worth it with a 1-2 hours flight? lol

Cool pinoy peeling coconuts with teeth

Cool pinoy peeling coconuts with teeth in record time haha. I love how the foreigners laughed so hard with this one. I have seen quite a few of them but this is one of the fastest i have seen.

Funny singing by kuya jobert and moymoy palaboy

funny singing and a little bit of dancing by kuya jobert and moymoy palaboy. Well according to the video date, this is done after they are made famous so i'm a little bit happy that they still doing there old stuff and even if they are in different networks they can still do videos and stuff.

The dancing in the credits made me really laugh.

Funny animation about the maid of superfriends

funny animation about maritess the maid of the superfriends. This is a skit of rex navarette subbed into animation. I liked the part about batman and robin haha.

Funny SBC packers skit

funny SBC packers skit by rex navarette. Rex navarette is a US based stand up comedian that jokes are targeted for filipino americans. This is one of his skit that has been added an animation. All I can say WE PACK EVERYTHING!

Funny skit about computers by kuya jobert

funny skit about computers by kuya jobert. This is really funny haha. Firewall as explosives lol. My favorite lines from this video " cameraman:3 ba yon? ok na ba yon?
kuya jobert: oo naman pentium 3 lakas non pre
cameraman: mabigat ba attack non?
kuya jobert: pag pinindot mo palang non psk gumaganon"

Funny skit about facebook by kuya jobert

funny skit about facebook and the games farmville, pet society and restaurant city by kuya jobert. lol at the restaurant city being bankrupt lol

Funny basketball skit by kuya jobert

funny basketball tips skit by kuya jobert. Well I am a bad shot at basketball but this is something else haha.

Funny dingdong skit by kuya jobert

funny dingdong (chichirya) skit by kuya jobert. Kuya jobert really has gone a long way from those darkly lit videos to the small screen of showbiz. This is one of his most funniest and memorable videos for me.

Funny skit about how to ride the jeepney

Funny skit by moymoy palaboy about how to ride the jeepney. The dubber's voice is really good adding a genuinity in this video. He forgotten tapping the roof of the jeepney to stop it haha.

Cool americans as jeepney drivers in the philippines

cool americans as jeepney drives in the philippines. Haha the passengers do not even notice something different with the drivers haha.

Cool americans as taxi drivers in the philippines

cool americans as taxi drives in the philippines. Well from the looks of it the people are afraid of entering the taxi haha.

Cool Americans selling taho in the philippines

Cool two americans selling taho in the philippines. Ewww one peed and didn't washed his hands. Piss taho lol! Well for those that is wondering what taho is its a sweetened tofu of some sort the proper name is sweetened soy bean curd. Its quite delicious especially when it is still quite hot.

Funny pinoy kids singing nothing on you by bruno mars

Funny pinoy kids singing nothing on you by bruno mars. There toothless expression and their facial expression really makes this funny haha. I just hope those are only baby teeths.