MWSS Website hacked by Anonymous

The mwss website was hacked and currently hacked by the Anonymous Philippines.
The MWSS/metropolitan waterworks and sewerage system was hacked today by people calling themselves as Anonymous Philippines.

If you go to the MWSS website, you will see that it was changed to a single page with a symbol of the Anonymous Philippines, the groups that partake in that hacking as well as their reasons why they have hacked the MWSS website.

The reason link shows you a youtube video explanation why they have hacked the website. In the youtube video, you will be narrated on how Maynilad and Manilawater are still charging consumers fees of 2 cancelled project of the MWSS. That fee first came out in 2008 and still ongoing today. The hacker group also explained that the reason why Maynilad and Manilawater is not stopping with those charges because people in the MWSS is sanctioning it.

The MWSS website is still hacked today. Current time I have viewed the website, September 2, 1:15am.

The Anonymous is a group of hackers that dedicated themselves on truth and justice in the cyberspace through hacking.

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