Bearwin meily's magic tricks

Bearwin meily's was mostly known for being a comedian in movies and tv shows in the Philippines but he also have another trick on his sleeve and in this case, his cards just like what david blain is doing. His tricks are almost identical with david blaine but with a few variations and some new ones that I haven't seen before. Unfortunately, the sit-com failed and there are only youtube videos of it. Here is one of them.

Magic tricks and illusions in the Philippines are still mostly done by weird clown using the same old hidden rooms and hidden boxes that you would see in a children's party. I am just a little bit happy that we now have some magicians for adults and not just for kids.

Willie Revillame Cheating in game shows

Well this might be a old video but because Willie Revillame is still doing game shows but with another network(TV 5 willing willie), Cheating can still be used somehow to let the show be profitable. That is why I hate  seeing boxes being used in game shows because they might pull this stunt again. We all know that the producers, staff in wowowee is still the staff in willing wille. There might not be cheating today but we don't know about tommorow. I am just saying be vigilant.

Here is the old wowowee clip showing a box with the numbers in it that is Willie Revillame has mistakenly opened.

Funny Speech by Senator Miriam defensor Santiago

Funny speech of Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in a RH bill forum in UP. We all know that she has some smart comebacks especially if people are instigating her but here are some of her original and some copied jokes that are truly funny. Where would you see in the world a high ranking publicly elected official that also knows how to make people laugh.

The camera is a little shaky and the audio is a little bit soft but the uploader has added a transcript of it.
Here is the link of the transcript of the funny speech by Senator Miriam Santiago.

I have also seem some of here older speeches that are also funny but this is the one that is full and complete.

Radioactive Sago Project- Gusto ko nang Baboy

Another song from the only known reggae sounding band from the philippines. The english translation is I want a pig. The song is a story about how everything is a pig, how he desperately wants a pig and so on.  The term pig can be associated as corrupt in this song. This song is sort of a rant of some sort on how everything is corrupted. One of their more political songs and one that did not have the lighter feel of an Astro one of their other songs that I have posted here.

They still have better songs than this one but it is one of the songs that can be counted as a political statement too so that is why I added it here. Radioactive Sago Project is still playing gigs but not as big as when they are really popular 3-4 years ago.

Jetski in the floods

People jet skiing while it is flooding in the philippines.  This happened when the typhoon ondoy hit the philippines.

But this is really not the first man that did it in the Philippines. The first time this happened was an earlier typhoon that flooded manila for days. The first jetskied event happened in front of UST. Camera phones are not that prominent then so I could not find any videos on it in youtube but I have found some pics off it. As a UST student myself, they say that you are not a student of this school if you didn't experience a flood which in my case is true because it did happened to me more than once.

Here is the pic of it. Can't seem to find the other one where he is waving in front of the camera.

Rey valera and michael v singing a spoof song

funny Rey valera and michael v singing a spoof of songs by  Rey Valera. Michael V is famous of remaking songs so they will be funny just like weird al yankovic but mostly local  pinoy songs.

Funny francis m and ramon bautista rap battle

Funny pinoy francis magalona and ramon bautista rap battle(palistuhan) Nescafe commercial. This is from my last post on how master rappe ramon bautsita want to rap battle with francis M. I guess this is a good next post to it. The love sign is really his favorite move lol.