Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit Part 3

Part 3 of  michael V's street magic skit. The one with the disappearing watch made me laugh.

Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit Part 2

Part 2 of  michael V's street magic skit. Levitation through escalator lol.

Funny David Criss street magic michael v skit

Funny michael v spoof of david blaine and criss angel doing some street magic. I really laughed when he used a larger than ordinary playing card on his first trick. This was for michael v's show called "yari ka" it is like just for laughs but with more elaborate longer tricks just like this one. Michael v is one of the funniest comedian in the philippines that has been around since the 80's but gain prominence and popularity during the 90's by doing comedy shows on tv. There are some parts of this michael v yari ka david criss street magic skit that I will post soon.

The quality is a little bad because it is gotten from a recording the tv by phone. At least the sound quality is good.

Weird yet funny pinoy barrel man

Weird yet funny pinoy barrel man figurine. I really don't know what is the story behind the barrel man figurine of the Philippines or why it has become one of the most given souvenir in the Philippines especially if you are a foreigner or a "balikbayan". You can only buy this barrel man carving in the provinces but there are already shops that sells them in the capital but I still haven't seen them in malls.

Funny ramon bautista skit D Ramons

Funny ramon bautista skit talking about his band D ramons. I don't know who the girl is but the people playing the instruments are actually the band called The Dawn minus the real vocalist. The one in the keyboard used to be a member of a more popular but now extinct band called the eraserheads.

Ramon bautista has a certain kind of comedy that I cannot call slapstick but they are indeed funny.

Funny manny pacquaio datu puti true story advertisement

Funny manny pacquiao datu puti advertisement explaining how he became a champion. I laughed that a Freddie Roach lookalike is there and also a may weather Jr lookalike of some sort. Guess that was his first knockout lol.

Funny ramon bautista gas boy skit

Funny comedian ramon bautista trying to be a gas boy. Whole picture lol!

Funny Jollibee on top of a Jeep

Funny jollibee mascot dancing and acting crazy on top of a jeepney. For those that does not know, jollibee is a mascot for a fastfood chain in the Philippines. This is really the first time I have seen something like this and I don't see any "good advertising" with jumping and dacing on top of a jeepney. I also find it funny that the background is a mcdonalds store.