Philippine football azkals home game against kuwait losing again 1-2

The philippine football azkals lost again against the much better team kuwait with a score of 1-2. The same problems encountered with the first game against kuwait is the same problem seen with this game. No defenders, and outmatched players.

Well the Philippines lost on qualifying for the world cup this coming 2014, we might not have another chance on making this far because most of the players as sad to say are imports and most or some would definitely go to the local showbiz scene which is quite peculiar for me.

The Philippines' love for football maybe short-lived after all.

Kobe Bryant, Derrick rose, Kevin durant getting $400,000 in the Philippines

Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant getting $400,000 each when they played this past week in the Philippines. I can say that that is easy money considering that those two games are just exhibition games and not real competitive games.

I am just glad they didn't get Lebron or else we might see him choke!!

Gloria Arroyo adviced to go under surgery

Gloria arroyo was adviced to go under surgery because of problems with his cervical spine. I find it somewhat amusing that it happened on the day of noynoy's Sona.

noynoy's Sona: Wang Wang

Noynoy aquino held his 2nd state of the nation address july 25. His Sona starts with using the wang wang initiative last year. Where no politicians will use the sirens on the streets. He relates that wang wang mentality to corrupt people in the government and relating wang wang to the state of mind of the people that politicians abusing their power.

It is a little bit forced to use the wang wang or sirens to relate his initiative to stop corruption and to make politicians accountable to the people but he used it anyway. Using the term "wang wang" for more than 20 times.

His speech does not contain his plans in the future but more of what he did in this past year and some revelations of corruption in the government. I really liked his part of the speech with pagcor's 1 billion peso coffee.

I also like the part where he will push our plight with spratley islands in the UN which should have been done decades before but buying one hamilton class ship is not to be proud off when you consider the thousands of ships against you.

Here is a picture of a hamilton class ship which from the looks of it is the only role is to navigate the seas and be a lookout.

And the appointment of retired supreme court associate Conchita Carpio-morales as the new ombudsman which is supported by his secretaries but not all of his allies especially in the senate and the lower house.

Here is a picture of thew new ambassador Conchita Carpio-morales

Even if most of the public do not know the moody's rating and its upgrading of our rating, this means that foreign investors are assured that the government will work with them and not against them. The rating with the anti-trafficking means we can have new grants from the US.

I always believe in Noynoy to be better than other presidential in our last presidential election but I somewhat disappointed that I didn't hear any plans for the future but somewhat a guarantee that he will try to stop corruption in our government even trying to warn his allies of former wrong doings.

Funny pinoy tinapantastik food duel advertisement

Funny pinoy first to eat their food wins tinapantastick advertisement. At first I thought he acts like he stabs himself while falling down. Guess it wasn't might have been funnier too.

Kuwait against philippine azkals, azkals became asocena

Philippine football team called azkals was eaten alive in the field against the kuwait football team to 0-3 hence the term asocena. For those who didn't know asocena is a dog meat dish which I hate because I am a dog lover but the term really describes what happened in the football field.

The Philippine football team Azkals was beaten so bad that they somehow look like amateurs in the football field. The during the first early minutes of the game, you can see the difference in skill with the two teams. You can see the excellent footwork, skill, and team play of the kuwait team while the philippine football team Azkals are desperate on matching them on the field. The first goal of the kuwait team shows the lackluster defense of the Azkals that 2 men are just standing while one was easily evaded so the kuwait given a open look at the goal. After the 2nd goal, the philippine Azkals members show no effort on going to the counter-attack and even their defense has diminished. The 3rd goal just like the first goal shows weak defence and even a weaker counter offensive making this football match a one sided kicking match in the last minutes of the game.

A sad day for the Philippines indeed. Next match would be in the Philippines and the Azkals need 4-0 to win or 3-0 to tie with this leg.

Funny pinoy teeth falls off in a gma show

Funny pinoy "pustiso nahulog" on live tv. Well this is from a variety show called eat bulaga in the philippines and one segment called pinoy henyo or smart pinoy in english. The game is you guess what is written in your head and your partner can only answer with an yes or a no. A game that I have tried once and it is fun.

I guess with him being losing and addtional live embarrassment on TV and in youtube, at least he will be popular on something.

Mcdonalds philippines no ketchup for you

If you have recently ordered a drive-thru or a take out or what you call "to go" in mcdonalds food chains/stores in the Philippines and you ordered a burger, you will see that they will not given you any catsup in your bag. Did you know that if you ordered anything that don't have any french fries in them, you will not given any catsup at all? 

Folks having ketchup in your order is not a regular or common thing anymore. If you asked some ketchup, they will say that we are in no way obliged to give you any ketchup because you haven't ordered any french fries but because you have asked we will think about it.I have recently in talks with some of the customer assistance of Mcdonalds through their call center and all I get is the same response ( I even said the customer is always right but to no effect). I really cannot think reasons why they have chosen to make their burgers ketchup free. Are the burgers perfect enough that you would not need any ketchup at all? Or is there some kind of "special sauce" that if touched by ketchup it will taste bad(hmm maybe even explode).

I really cannot fathom that a fastfood chain will stop its customers enjoying the food they ordered in their own way. 

I maybe a little bit over the top but saying the customer has no right to ask but needs to beg for ketchup. Bad management to the extreme.

That is why I am enjoying the bee's burger with ketchup YUM!

Oral B mouthwash recall

Oral-B philippines mouthwash recall. This past two days there is a voluntary recall of one product of Oral-B mouthwash because of high microbial content. They say that people are generally not in danger but those with compromised immune system might be in danger by that bacteria.

Opinion: It maybe technically safe, but it is better to be safe than sorry. We also don't know what bacteria it is because this is the early stages of testing.

Nostalgic pinoy family rubbing alchohol advertisement

Nostalgic "kung di lang pampamilya pang sports pa" family rubbing alcohol commercial. The referee here is named Carlos Padilla if all can you remember is the referee in thrilla in manilla with Muhammand Ali. He is somewhat popular because his family is in the showbiz industry. He is also the only internationally sanctioned referee in the philippines.

This commercial is more than 30 years old now but it is still being shown sometimes on RPN9. If you are alive these past 30 years and counting, I can say that there would be no way for you to not see this advertisement because of its running time and its somewhat catchy phrase. The phrase was used as a slang, made into a spoof by some comedy show and sometimes still being used as a filler joke.

Zaldy ampatuan not asking to be a state witness

This is an update to this post

Apparentely Zaldy ampatuan is not asking to be a state witness but just willing to give his testimonies that is against his brother and father.

Opinion: I really find it odd that he is not asking anything for giving his testimony that will hurt his families credibility including his own. I also can't shake the feeling that there is something behind the scenes going on between the Ampatuan side, the victims side and the government. I am also a bit worried that DILG secretary Robredo surprise news covered visit with Zaldy in his cell. Hmm... the coffee is brewing...

My opinion on Sara Duterte punching a sheriff

This is a continuation with one of my post about the Davao City Mayour Sara Duterte punching a sheriff.

I always believe that those who are on office or those who are working or elected in the government must be a role model for all his constituents or for all the people on that country. Punching someone on the face is not a way to act in public with or without the camera shooting it. Asking your bodyguards to restrain the running sherriff then pointing your finger in his face is outmost demeaning to the man and you are acting as a barbarian with power in public.

The sheriff which is just there to give the order of the demolition, is left powerleft while Sara Duterte's bodyguards restraining him to run or even defend himself.

Why do we elect people that is so consumed with power that they believe they can do anything they like. We are not sympathetic when some young actress is pregnant because that is her "fault" but sympathetic to the Davao Mayor even if she punched an helpless man on the face.

Now I know what I will do with people that I have a disagreements with, punch them in the face then call people to restrain him while I hammer him with words and fingers. A sad day for the philippines. It's already the 21st century and our politicians are acting like little dictators.

Zaldy Ampatuan asking to be a state witness

Zaldy Ampatuan one of the alleged Ampatuan family members that has conspired to to the Maguindanao massacre or the Mangudadatu massacre is asking the government to be a state witness against his brother and his father and even the late president Gloria macapagal arroyo.

The DOJ secratary De lima does not really want to grant him to be a state witness because to be a state witness, you must be one of the lesser accused and not one of the perpetrators, His evidence is old news according to De lima because there are already witness that can be used by the prosecution to strengthen this case.

Update: The lawyer of the victims of the massacre was shocked that the DILG secrtary Robredo is the one lobbying for Zaldy Ampatuan to be a state witness to the president. He also said in an DZMM interview why did a department secretary with no connection so ever adviced the president about this issue.

Opinion: I really do not agree that one of the biggest contributors to the massacre will be state witness. This is just like the Erap jueteng incident again. Back to the story, I can't believe that there is somebody near the president that is lobbying for the accused even if this is one of the promises of the current president. This might be a make or break to the credibility of the president. With his popularity going down, this might be the final nail in the coffin.

Rumor: Azkals members accused of rape

There are rumors going around the interned that Several members of the Philippine national footbal team the Azkals was supposedly accused of raping a girl in the house of the team manager of Azkals which is Dan Palami. The alleged members are Jason Sabio,Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario and Simon Greatwich.

The incident happened when the suspected Azkals members are on a bar and when a girl willingly accepted an invitation to the house of Dan Palami which is used as a halfway house for foreign Azkal members that still has no house in the Philippines. The girl supposedly already filed charges against the Azkals members.

Update: Paul Weiler a former instructor of the Azkals was the one that exposed this story in the internet especially in blogs. There was also a supposed video of the alleged crime that one of the accused Azkal members was supposedly took in the act of the crime.

Opinion: While this story may be damaging if true, the internet is full of this stories which can be just a made up story of someone who is just jealous of the popularity of the Azkal members or just want to be an instant celebrity in the internet. There has been reports of a name of the alleged victim of this crime but we still don't know if this Azkal rape rumor is true unless that victim reveals her story in the media or if there are really charges filed against the Azkals which can be easily done by reading the records of the court.

I just hope that this story is not true because it is damaging to the credibility of the Azkal members and if true, really damaging to the supposed victim.

Funny purefoods goodbye food advertisement

Funny purefoods girl writing on diary the foods that she will not eat anymore but didn't exclude hotdogs commercial. I can't remember when I have watched this advertisement but I know I am just a little kid back then.

Funny nestea store owners dancing advertisement

Funny nestea various store owners dancing on the street while singing commercial. The last one is really funny but the last bit was not shown on national television which is a little bit sad.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte punched a sheriff

Davao city Mayor Sara Duterte "nanuntok" or punched a sheriff on a heated demolition of illegal settlers.

Update: Davao city mayor Sara Duterte left the office temporarily and given the vice mayor his father in charge. His father on a press conference, given the middle finger on the media expressing his anger to the Sheriff.

Update: There are people who wants Sara Duterte to be disbarred because she is a lawyer. There are also some who wants her out of the office.