Philippines Might Be the First Asian Country To Get The Iphone5

Philippines might be the first Asian country where the upcoming Apple Iphone5 would be released.
According to an interview with Smart Philippines executives, Apple are in talks with Philippine mobile carriers to bring the Iphone5 in the Philippines which would mean that it would be the first country in Asia where you can buy an Iphone5.

Apple are eyeing the Philippines prevalence in the internet to spread buzz about the Iphone5 because the Philippines has the highest reach when it comes to social media like Twitter and Facebook. Philippines also has the highest reach when it comes the number of people who owns at least one phone/smartphone.

Apple would officially reveal the iPhone5 on September 12 at their media event. On September 12, they will reveal what the iPhone5 looks like as well as new features and specs of the new phone.

Official public release or offering would be in October. This means that you can likely buy an iPhone5 in October.

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