Philippine Football Azkals Lost to Laos 2 to 1 With Fights and Punches

Philippine football team Azkals lost in a international friendly match against Laos with a score of 2-1. Punches and fights also ensued in the 2nd half of the game.
The Azkals lost in an upset against the Laos Football team this September 10 in an international friendly match against the two countries. The Philippines was heavily favored to win the game because they are higher ranked(152th) and more experienced than the Laos team(193th).

During the first half, Laos made more shots than the Azkals with the help of their play that involves passes. While the Azkals only tried their first shot for a goal near the 20 minute mark of the game. Nothing really spectacular happened during the first half but there was an incident when Etheridge accidentally "kneed" an attacker's face while they are figthing for the ball.

During the second half,  52 minutes has passed and Laos made the first goal. Near 60 minutes of the game, Misagh Bahadoran was tackled by a Laotian player and was punched but somehow the referee didn't saw the punch and only one player was given a card. Then just a few moments later, A scuffle between Schröck and Sabio and a Laotian player started the fight that turned into a free for all where players and even some coaches are running around and separate fights happening all over the field. The cameraman then turned the camera into the audience and we don't know what happened on field.

The game was resumed and near the 70th minute mark, Laos gained a penalty because of Etheridge fouling him and scored a goal. Near the 90th minute mark, Rob Gier scored the first and only goal of the Azkals against the Laos Football team.

The Philippine azkals lost 2-1 against Laos.

video of the Laos vs Philippines Azkals fight and scuffle


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