Philippine 2013 Holidays(non-working holidays)

The Philippine government has announced the holiday dates for next year 2013.
President Benigno Aquino III has signed the order proclaiming the dates of holidays that would be non-working holidays for the year 2013 or next year. This is to ensure employers know the dates were employees will get certain benefits when working on those dates.

It can also be a way for people to plan on their holidays ahead of time.

Here are the non-working holidays for year 2013.

New Year’s Day - January 1
EDSA Revolution Anniversary - February 25
Maundy Thursday - March 28
Good Friday - March 29
Black Saturday - March 30
Araw ng Kagitingan - April 9
Labor Day - May 1
Independence Day - June 12
Ninoy Aquino Day - August 21
National Heroes Day - August 26
All Saints Day - November 1
Bonifacio Day - November 30
December 24
Christmas Day - December 25
Rizal Day - December 30
December 31

Muslim Holidays are still not included because they change dates per year. There might be more dates that would be a non-working day but these are the definite ones.

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