Lotis Key Message of recovery to Dolphy

lotis key before and after
lotis key before and after picture
Lotis key's message of hope and recovery to the king of comedy Dolphy's recent ailements.

Lotis Key is one of Dolphy's past relationship and one of his main leading ladies on his films. Lotis Key is a Filipino-American actress that gain prominence in the late 60's to the early 80's. She was known in such films as, "Pedro Penduko", "Darna Kuno", "Fung Ku" as well as more than 30 films which Dolphy was the leading actor.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight imagined using toys

Pacquiao vs mayweather fight imagined by using toys and an animation technique called stop animation. I guess this is as close as we can get to watch Pacquiao and Mayweather fight.

Lito Lapid as Julio Valiente

Lito Lapid in a film called San Basilio portraying Julio valiente which is a gun slinging, knife throwing, acrobatic cowboy. Because of this video, Lito Lapid is now the Chuck Norris of the Philippines. How fate is sometimes funny. From an gun toting, action film actor to one of the most respected Senator of the Philippines.