7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Southeast of Samar

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake was felt southeast of samar on August 31,2012, friday, 8:45pm
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake happened just southeast of Samar or just a few 100 kilometers from the right of Tacloban city. Aftershocks that are just a little bit weaker than the 7.1 magnitude are still happening right now.

According to the US geological services, the earthquake happened at a depth of 30+ km near the said location above.

Tsunami warnings have been adviced because the earthquake was triggered at sea and past incidence like the japan earthquake last year has ordered a tsunami warning just to be sure. Surrounding countries of the Philippines are on high alert if a big tsunami will come on their shores.

Samar in the lower east side of visayas. The earthquake happened in between the seas of Visayas and Mindanao.

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