Sabotage On Rico Puno Probe?

Miriam Defensor Santiago said in an interview that there was an apparent sabotage to the Rico Puno probe that will happen on September 13,2012, Friday.

In the said interview, Miriam Defensor Santiago expresses her disbelief that no senator has confirmed their attendance to the probe that was headed by Miriam Santiago.

The probe or the hearing needs 2 senators in attendance for it to continue.

The hearing would likely take up the said "raid" on Jessie Robredo's apartment as well as some suspicions why Rico Puno is leading the PNP with a power sharing agreement done by the government with Jessie Robredo. It may also look up to the anomalous gun bidding by the PNP.

But the probe itself has its own problems. According to Lacson, the probe might not be valid because it should be the whole senate itself to refer a committee and not the committee leader itself. but he said that he will not stop the committee from doing its probe.

We will know in a few hours if this probe will continue or not. the probe starts at 10:30am, September 13, friday.

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