ADMU Won, 5 Peat Basketball Champion

ADMU won today's game 2 match(October, 11, 2012) against UST and become the UAAP basketball Champion.
ADMU won against UST for the UAAP championship with a score of 62 to 65. With this game 2 win, Ateneo will be the 5 straight men's basketball champion of the UAAP.

During the first quarter, UST and ADMU's shooting accuracy was stagnant and there was a back and forth leads of two to four points. This occurred until the last few minutes of the 2nd quarter when UST had a 6 point lead but in the last few seconds of that 2nd quarter, Ateneo rallied and tied the score leading to a tied score for the 2nd half.

During the third quarter, there were lead exchanges of 6 points between UST and Ateneo that lasted until the 2nd half of the 4th quarter. In the last 5 minutes of the game, Ateneo was inching its way to a 6 point lead that UST didn't recover. UST's 3 minute maneuvers and plays was the reason why they lost against Ateneo.

With UST having 6 offensive rebounds in one turnover, to Abdul's apparent slipping that was called as travelling, to some of the UST players shooting indiscriminately because of desperation.

Congratulations to ADMU, the better team clearly won.

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