Feu And Nu Ordered To Repeat Game Amid Controversy

UAAP officials has ordered Feu and Nu to repeat a basketball game amid a controversy about a lay-up by RR Garcia of FEU during the final seconds of a game.

For those that didn't know, a normal UAAP basketball game between FEU and NU last September 3, 2012 was thrown into a controversy when FEU ultimately won the game because of a lay-up by RR Garcia which turned the score to 75-77 in favor of FEU. NU protested the shot saying that the ball is in his hands after the time counted to zero.

Here is the video of RR. Garcia's lay-up shot that sparked the controversy.

But several days after, the UAAP board reversed their decision and concluded that it is unclear if the ball is still in his hands or not and ordered a replay game between FEU and NU. That replay FEU/NU game will happen on September 23,2012 4pm.

If FEU wins the game, FEU will fight UST for the 2nd seed and La salle will get the 4th semis slot.
If NU wins the game, NU games the 3rd seed while FEU and La salle will fight for the 4th seed.

Here is the live stream of the NU & FEU UAAP replay game. HERE

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