Wife of Jessie Robredo On Shortlist To Become A Trial Judge

Wife of Jessie Robredo, Leni Robredo is on the JBC shortlist as a trial court judge.
Leni Robredo which is the Wife of Jessie Robredo is on the JBC shortlist for people that can become court judges for regional trial courts that have vacant positions.

Leni Robredo has completed all the requirements needed to become a trial judge last march and just waiting for a confirmation from the JBC if she will be accepted as a trial judge.

She was shortlisted on a Bicol Regional Trial Court. Before this news, there was some people urging her to run for an elected office position this coming 2013 elections but she has said that she will not run for office and has no plans to run for an elective post.

I think I would expect her to be a trial judge soo, as almost all JBC members are "friendly" to the executive branch.

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