Funny pinoy man having an serious itch commercial

Funny pinoy man having an serious itch in unexpected places nizoral cream advertisement. This is not just wrong but its akward! LOL

Funny pinoy man squirming advertisement

Funny pinoy man squirming because he wants to poop commercial diatabs commercial. That boy is nasty! LOL

funny pinoy biscuit eye ball advertisement

Funny pinoy bingo biscuit eye ball commercial. Well I have encountered this scenario before but I usually stick with it whether she lied or not. I guess this case, she didn't. LOL

Funny pinoy energy drink car battery needs recharging advertisement

Funny pinoy sting energy drink man recharges car battery by drinking an energy drink and dancing commercial. I guess i will just dance like vanilla ice and problem solved! LOL

funny pinoy bubbles christmas tree advertisement

Funny pinoy tide commericial about a lady cleaning her clothes and listening to a radio drama then mindlessly create a christmas tree out of bubbles. I do not remember seeing this video on the telly but from the looks of it, this is just for the month of december so I must have missed it. Christmas is a hectic time here.

Funny pinoy biscuit commercial "I Hate Me"

Funny pinoy biscuit commericial about a man getting late with his date and he slapping and scolding himself. It would be really funny if this happens. Can anyone try this out? LOL

Funny pinoy advertisement about mistaken the gender advertisement

funny pinoy advertisement about a man in a bar hooking up with what he presumed to be a female that is a skycable advertisement. I am glad that there is also a subtitle included in it.

It would be really weird when this thing happen. I am just glad that nothing like this has happened to me before or even anything like it.

Sorry for the long delay on update internet was down T_T

Sorry for the long delay on update internet was down T_T

Funny pinoy ramon bautista david blaine spoof

Funny pinoy ramon bautista spoofing some david blaine magic tricks. When ramon bautista did this spoof, he is not that popular but already been as an extra from a TV show. I really like the spoof about the how many seconds underwater.

Funny pinoy chippy acting interview advertisement

funny chippy acting interview advertisement. Getting acting tips because of junk food lol.

Funny pinoy chippy basketball tryouts advertisement

funny philippine chippy basketball tryouts but given to cheerdance team instead. Well the cheerdance coach looks like Lito Camo lol.

Funny chippy pinoy horror film advertisement

Funny pinoy horror film advertisement. Scared like little girls but getting braver for chippy junk food.

Funny philippine brat little sister advertisement

Funny philippines brat sisters asking to play or for the junk food advertisement. The laugh at the end when the power suddenly shuts off is what made me laugh.

Funny pinoy chippy dance practice adveritsement

Funny pinoy chippy rehearsal advertisement. Guys not getting the dance routine but finally gets it by way of junk food lol. Well for those uninformed, they are practicing for what looks like a form of folk dance from the philippines.

Funny philippine chippy initiation advertisement

Funny pinoy chippy initiation advertisement. Girl wants to join a group of guys but one guy does not want to. She was given a task to open a junk food wrapper with one hand and she obliged lol.

Well I don't know if the biting part is staged meaning that it is "pre-cut" but if not, then that girl is my hero! I am also glad that the background is UST main building( my building lol).

Banned pinoy mcdonalds BF GF advertisement

Banned pinoy mcdonalds girl asking boy if she is his girlfriend but the boy is giving excuses like girls are demanding and such. But the girl just wants some fries advertisement. Well first of all this was banned because of  the dancing of a boy in a tv show called willing willie and not the RH bill. Mcdonalds was kinda forced to pull the plug because the church is a little bit hot on the topic of child abuse because of the dancing and not the RH bill.

I for one can see the point why this advertisement is offensive to some and I agree that it must be taken down but not to the point of charging the company of crimes. Its a real pity that mcdonalds has created some of the most tearjerker heartful advertisement in the Philippines and all they can come up with is a theme that girls can be bought by gifts.

Here is the video

But unfortunately, this video was a copy of a indian McDonalds advertisement. See the similarities.

Now I am thinking if all of those advertisement by McDonalds are just copy of other countries advertisement. I will investigate this.