Funny pinoy KFC stranger smelling your food advertisement

Funny philippine KFC stranger sitting in your table and smelling your food advertisement. If this happened to me, I will gladly give my left hook into that guys chin. But he must be poor because all he is eating is rice!

Funny pinoy bitoy's funniest video celebrity fan delay skit

Funny pinoy bitoy's funniest video a fan wants to take a picture with a celebrity. Well the celebrities here are Manny Pacquiao, Marian Rivera, Carla Abellana and Rochelle panganiban. At least there are sport about it. I have seen celebrities who just walks away when it is taking too long or walks away quickly and stand only for a few seconds.

Funny wowowee contestant thanking eat bulaga for winning the contest

Funny wowowee contestant thanking his competitor when she won a contest. Willie revillame is flabbergasted by it. Free advertisement for Eat bulaga lol

Funny pinoy nestea plunge commercial

funny pinoy nestea people falling in hidden pool advertisement. This was a popular advertisement in the philippines in the early to mid 90's that spawn numerous spoof from gag shows. They have released a new commercial with the same concept this year. I guess use what works.

Guess the idea that drinking nestea is the same as refreshing as swimming in a cool pool

Unfortunately, I can't find the old local version of the nestea plunge so here's the original instead.

Funny pinoy spite i love you piolo commercial

funny pinoy  sprite commercial with piolo pascual and the first time showing of Toni gonzaga on television commercial. Toni gonzaga after this commercial became popular because of his comedy remarks and witty antics. But the funny thing about this one, the two haven't had a movie together.

Funny pinoy KFC smell advertisement

Funny pinoy KFC nice smell in a public vehicle advertisement. Well I have never been on this kind of public vehicle but I have heard that if someone farts everybody will smell it. LOL

funny yet cute child labor in the philippines

funny yet cute staged child labor in the philippines. Well first of all this is staged and second of all she is really good at cleaning. And third, I don't condone any child labor.

Funny pinoy skyflakes hungry and jealous advertisement

Funny pinoy skyflakes hungry and little bit jealous in a car advertisement. This is marian rivera's first commercial. I think it will be 2-3 years after this commercial will marian rivera would be really famous.

I really find here really pretty before but she became a little bit bubbly.

Cool pinoy coke angel and devil advertisement

Cool pinoy coke angel and devil adverisement. Well the angel was enticed to drink coke and if you see this commercial, then you will see that the devil is the one who made coke. I am no conspiracy theoriest but coke is from the devil lol.

funny pinoy diatabs going poop moments advertisement

Funny pinoy diatabs need to poop moments. Haha I personally experienced attending a event that you need to stand for a while and i have an urge to poop. What to did i do? Hold it like a man haha.

Funny pinoy Bayantel my money back advertisement

Funny pinoy bayantel my money back in the bathroom advertisement. Well I have always this problem when doing no.2 in a public restrooms. But the most funny thing about this one is that some bathrooms in the philippines really has a price before you go in then sometimes they will specify no.1 or no.2.

Pretty evident in greenhills. The paid restrooms are in good places and the public ones is so far and obscure. If I can remember it cost 10 php now i think.

Funny pinoy lola bayantel dsl techie playing fps game advertisement

Funny pinoy lola bayantel dsl lola techie playing first person shooter game advertisement. This granny is more hardcore than me hahaha. I don't usually talk when im playing with a mic on even if its on a action packed situation.

Cool pinoy pldt changing courses advertisement

Cool pinoy pldt "suportahan ta ka" changing course advertisement. Well this is one memorable advertisement that spawned a lot of spoofs.

Well I think this is one of the oldest reasons why people in college are having a hard time studying. They are stuck on a course they don't like so there studies suffers.

Funny pinoy fita biscuit one wish advertisement

funny pinoy fita biscuit one with advertisement. Well this is really funny and a tv show bubble gang made spoof's with this one. If she wishes for a lady then he will receive a mananangal ahaha.

Funny nestle drumstick harana advertisement

Funny nestle drumstick man serenading a girl by rapping advertisement. I loved the version A and version B but not so much the version C but it has a somewhat known commedian as the one who slapped him with the newspaper.

His chin and a smile move is so cheesy that if i was there ill slap him not in the back but his face.

Funny pinoy tender juicy hotdog manny pacquiao advertisement

Funny pinoy tender juicy hotdog manny pacquiao advertisement. There is also freddie roach and is that mayweather lol?

Funny pinoy corneto buying a dvd for 20 pesos advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto buying a dvd for 20 pesos advertisement. Well This is really funny. But they should given him a pirated copy or break the cd in half haha.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos energy drink advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto if you only have 20 pesos for an energy drink advertisement. Well there are 20 pesos energy drink in the market so this one is just a filler advertisement so the whole "how far can your 20 pesos go" popularity will not go away.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos sweater advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto what sweater will you get with 20 pesos advertisement. Well I will be freaking out if this was me haha. A gay moment in a public place lol.

Funny pinoy 20 pesos in the horror booth advertisement

Funny pinoy 20 pesos for a ticket in a horror booth advertisement. Well the ticket seller deserves credit. I laughed a bit because of him.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos in a barber advertisement

funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos in a barber  advertisement. Well I haven't tried any 20 pesos barbershop but I have tried more than 100 pesos ones and they sometimes make the same mistake but not deliberately. Some barbers have really have a bad perception if the hair is equal in length.

Funny pinoy corneto 20 pesos in a burger stand advertisement

Funny pinoy corneto how far will  your 20 pesos go in a burger stand advertisement. Well I know a burger joint and most now that there is a 20 pesos burger joint in the philippines. This only stands with mainstream burger joints.

If this happens to my ill throw the burger at the waitress face.

Funny pinoy selecta corneto 20 pesos bouncer entrance advertisement

Funny pinoy selecta corneto 20 pesos as a bribe for the bouncer entrance advertisement. I find it amusing that the bouncer is really feeling it. The acting of the briber is a little sub-par on this one.

Well this is now a string of advertisements on how far will your 20 philippine peso go.

Funny Corneto Failed on a date advertisement

Funny corneto car failing on your date advertisement. Well just like that man in this video, almost all of my dates have some little bit mistakes on them but I will not call them a fail haha. If you plan dates to the letter then you will definitely fail or if your barney from how i met your mother lol.

Cool pinoy mcdonald first love advertisement

Cool pinoy mcdonald first love with eraserheads huling el bimbo singing in the back advertisement. Well Its a little sad that there is no happy ending and the girls smile i think indicate that she still has feelings for him.

Mcdonalds has a lot of good advertisement in the philippines and most of them are always remembered to be tearjerkers or really funny moments. Kudos to those who has the idea for those advertisement.

Funny pinoy bayantel neck advertisement

Funny pinoy bayantel everybody has a stiff neck from using the phone all the time advertisement.

Well this is an unseen bayantel wireless landline phone advertisement. Don't know why they have cancelled showing this advertisement. But it is really clever in a way. I really like how the basketball ring is angled too haha.

Funny Pinoy obama spoof motilium advertisement

Funny pinoy motilium advertisement about a fake obama and a fake gloria macapagal arroyo having dinner. Well I found some funny things about this video because of youtube. When gloria macapagal arroyo is approaching barack obama, is she levitating? haha.

And for those who does not know, motilium is a commercial brand of a drug for constipation.

Funny pinoy pop cola crazy lady advertisement

Funny crazy girl about pop cola advertisement in the philippines. All i can say that i have experienced those heat and the first thing you do after you stepped out the bus is to find the coldest thing you can see.

Funny pinoy canesten clothes sucked by vacuum advertisement

funny canesten sucked clothes advertisement in the philippines. Well more amazed at the power of the vacumm than the power of the cream lol.

Do i see nipples 0:25? OMG This from a advertisement for prime time tv.

Cool pinoy mcdonalds karen po advertisement

Cool mcdonalds karen advertisement for the philippines. This was one of the best and memorable advertisements in its haydays and even shown sometimes in recent tv. One of the most emotional advertisement shown in the philippines.

The actress who portrayed karen in this advertisement has had a successful tv career but suddenly disappeared from prime time.

Cool coke advertisement in the philippines

Cool coke beat game advertisement in the philippines. This pinoy advertisement of coke was so memorable that there was a competition of some sort in one lunch time afternoon. There was also a lot of rumors about the two girls in this video. Like they were kidnapped and such.