Noynoy's eulogy during Jessie Robredo's last Mass

President Benigno Aquino III's message for Jessie Robredo on his last mass on August 28,2012.
President Benigno Aquino III eulogy on August 28,2012, Basilica Minore, Naga city on the last mass for DILG Jessie Robredo.

Some Highlights of Noynoy Aquino's eulogy for Jessie Robredo

-"Robredo will not be with us when we are on some cafe talking about our retirement and our senior citizen cards"

-"One can succeed without being a trapo"

-"I lost a brother"


Video of Noynoy's Eulogy for Jessie Robredo


After Noynoy's Eulogy, Jessie Robredo was given the Philippine Legion of honor. Here is the video of Jessie Robredo's legion of honor ceremony

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