Funny master rapper ramon bautista skit

Funny master rapper ramon bautista skit In this skit, he is explaining how he became a master rapper. There are other videos about master ramon bautista and I will add it here soon.

Here is my favorite lines in this video:
Baa Baa Black sheep
Have you any wool???
Yes Sir... Yes Sir... three bags... or four

Suplado tips skit by ramon bautista

funny pinoy skit by ramon bautista on how being a snob or suplado changed his life. The book and the person he is acknowledging in this skit is real. I guess this is just a promotional stunt of some sort.

Cool man with 60 voices

Cool man with 60 voices showing his talents in wowowee. I think he has more voices in youtube. The Erap Estrada is a little bit bad but overall its great.

Funny Empoy coffee and bread skit

Funny commedian empoy kape at tinapay skit. I think he was supposed to be in italy or somewhere in europe in this skit but because of being a low budget show, he looks like he is an old historic neighborhood in manila.

Well even if this skit is funny, it shows one of the habits of filipinos to dip their bread in their coffee. I have seen relatives and friends overseas doing this and the waiter or local people are bewildered on what they are doing. You may have weird glances when you do it, but if you want it that way then why not!

Funny Wowowee contestant thanking GMA network

Another wowowee contestant thanking GMA network a rival TV network. This was a time when the Wowowee show is still just new. Glad that Pokwang saved the day.

This was the first contestant thanking a rival show.

Radioactive sago project - Astro

Radio active sago project is one of the few local pinoy bands that have an old jazzy indie film with their songs. Astro is one that propelled them into stardom. The video is funny too which is really a good addition.

Another attack targeting mangudadatu

Another attack targeting Datu mangudadatu who was the victim of the maguindanao massacre has experienced  a car bomb in tacurong, Sultan Kudarat this past August 17. It is both fortunate that Datu mangudadatu survived this car bomb but unfortunately people not involved and just in the wrong time and in the wrong place died because of it. While there is still no reports who orchestrated this attack, we can assume that this is a personal attack meant to silence mangudadatu.

Funny Wowowee show playing joey de leon songs

Funny Phillipine show wowowee playing a joey de leon song called "I tak tak mo". Joey De leon is a host in the direct rival show of Wowowee.

It was a big deal back then because the show is competing for advertisers.

Koko Pimentel proclaimed as senator

Koko pimentel proclaimed as senator. This is following zubiri's resignation. The comelec has awarded Koko pimentel the senate seat when they have recounted the ballots during the 2007 elections.

Funny Allan K teeth falling off

Funny allan K accidentally teeth falling off in one live tv show. I think this is from "eat bulaga" Funny unscripted moments from a comedian.

Funny pinoy pepsi action scene advertisement

Funny pepsi "sa akin and pinas" action scene commercial. This is one of the funniest commercial I have seen and maybe the first memorable pepsi commercial I have seen. My favorite part are the ugly scene and the clown scene.

Can't wait if there would be another one made or a sequel.

man blames reporter for flooding his car

Man blames reporter and other people in the streets not informing him that the flood is already high enough when he has driven into it. His car eventually becomes a submarine.

Well his name is Christoper lao and he was pretty rude and arrogant blaming others for his own mistake. He is not one of the trending topic in twitter.

Here is the video of Christoper lao speaking to a reporter after he made his car like a submarine.

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri resigns

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri resigned today because of accusations that he benefited from cheating during the 2007 election. There has been talks about the cheating because of the former comelec officials witnessing the cheating or one of the supposed collaborators of the cheating.

Nora Aunor back in the Philippines

Nora aunor came back in the philippines this tuesday August 2, 4 am in the morning. She is announced that he has some projects with TV-5 or the kapatid network in the Philippines.

Cool pinoy rock legends red horse advertisement

Cool pinoy red horse beer commercial with local rock and roll legends. Well I can only name two of them and they are one of the few local rock band artist that I adore which is Pepe smith and Ely buendia.  Pepe Smith was the vocalist of a late 60's rock band called juan dela cruz band and Ely Buendia is the vocalist of a very popular mid 90's to early 2000 rock band called Eraserheads.

When everyone was listening to n'sync, backstreet boys and other pop bands, I am listening to local bands like eraserheads. I guess my parents were the one that influenced me because they always listen to old/current local songs when I was young like yano, sampaguita, hotdogs, VST and company, Eraserheads among others(hmm as a eraserheads fan, I might as well write a post just for them in the near future or after this post LOL.)

I don't know the other artist in this video but I have some clue what bands they are in but I am not too sure. Can anyone comment about the names and the band so I can write it here?