Jessica Sanchez On Glee For Several Episodes

It is now confirmed that Jessica Sanchez will be on Glee for several episodes.

Weeks of relentless rumors about Jessica Sanchez appearance on Glee is finally over. It is now confirmed that Jessica Sanchez will be a guest star in the popular TV show, Glee. Ryan Murphy which is a writer, director for the Glee TV show has confirmed that Jessica Sanchez will be seen on the popular show for several episodes.

But it is unknown what would be Jessica Sanchez's role on the TV show and why will she appear in several Glee episodes. Ryan Murphy's tweet about Jessica Sanchez appearance in Glee has hinted a "Streisand episode". Will it be the same as Charize Pempengco? Another Filipino blooded singer that sang their way to popularity? What we do know is that Jessica Sanchez is already training for the role.

While there are still so many unknowns like what exact episode will she be appearing or what is her role on the TV show, Jessica Sanchez fans will be delighted once more when their idol will be seenagain on their TV screens.

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