Wally and Jose Manalo How do the rich eat?

Wally and Jose in the Dabarkads segment of Eat bulaga teaching us how the rich or socialite eat. For a show that is older than 30 years old, they still manage to create some of the funniest segments on TV and the combination of wally and jose manalo is a comedic gold mine.

Here is a video of Wally and Jose - "paano kumain ang sosyal"

Paranaque plane crash video

Here is the video of the paranaque plane crash moments before the impact. From the looks of it, the plane has some form of engine trouble.

They say that the pilot is a veteran pilot but does not have a lot of experience flying this aircraft. Government is stating that it is pilot error because a good experienced pilot will use the rudder or angle the plane a bit so it can be stabilized. I believe that he might not have enough time to maneuver the aircraft because of the low altitude and slow speed.

It is a little bit fortunate that this happen on the weekends because a school was terribly hit in this incident.

The commercial that launched Nikki Gil

The  coke commercial that has brought success to Nikki Gil. This was her first commercial and a singing one at that. Even if Nikki Gil has made a name for herself, her family is already established as a showbiz family in the Philippines.