Pia Cayetano Plagiarism?

After Tito Sotto's Plagiarism, another senator is now accused of plagiarism. Now, It's Pia Cayetano's turn.
A few days after Tito Sotto's plagiarism scandal, another Senator in the name of Pia Cayetano was accused by a blogger named Elisa Sangalang on her blog "pinoytemplars.blogspot.com".

Just like Sotto's privileged speech against the RH bill that was supposedly plagiarized from a US blogger called Sarah Pope, The privileged speech of Pia Cayetano for the RH bill came from the Department of Health powerpoint presentation presented by Undersecretary Mario villaverde and from an article in an United Nations website.

The blogger called Elisa Sangalang noticed that Pia Cayetano's privileged speech contain some phrases and paragraphs from the Department of Health powerpoint and an United Nations website but suddenly updated a day after with footnotes attributing those paragraphs to their sources.

In my opinion, This is just a lapse of judgement and not blatant plagiarism as with the case of Tito Sotto. With Tito Sotto, they categorically denied their was plagiarism then admitted there was, then told the public that they cannot be sued because of some reasons. With Pia Cayetano, there was no denying and she answered via her twitter account that if she failed to attribute some paragraphs, she will immediately correct it and attribute it properly.

While I do agree that there was some sort of damage control on their part(Pia Cayetano's party), the damage is minimal.

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