No Medals And No more Filipinos competing In the London 2012 Olympics

There are no medals won for the Philippines and no chance to get a medal because there is no more Filipino competing in any event in the London 2012 Olympics.

August 10 is a sad day for Filipinos longing for national pride In the London 2012 Olympics. Daniel Caluag the last Filipino athlete competing in BMX lost in the quarterfinals of that event which means there are no more Filipinos to watch in the London 2012 Olympics and no more chance to get the medal in this Current Olympic event.

It is very unfortunate how our athletes fared on their respective events. With the starting 11 Filipino athletes, only a few reached the second round, one reached the final round but most lost in the starting round or the qualifying round.  Even favorites like Mark Barriga of Boxing and Daniel Caluag of BMX didn't farewell and lost in the second round of their events.

The Philippine dry spell when it comes to Olympic medals is now 16 years. The last medal we have gotten in the Olympic was in 1996. A filipino athlete by the name of Mansueto Velasco won silver in boxing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. But if you consider our gold dry spell, then it is now 88 years. 88 years of competing in the Olympics but still no gold as of today.

This is a sad day for the Philippines when you consider our athletes winning championships besides the Olympics. Just in 2011, the Philippine delegate in the World Dragonboat competition won first place on that event. There might be no Dragonboat competitions in the Olympics but there are rowing events on it that have the same discipline(8 people rowing on boats) which I think we will be in good contention with.

When will be the day the Philippines will won their first gold in the Olympics? I just hope I am still alive to see it.

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