DILG secretary Jesse Robredo Plane Crashed In Masbate

Just now, there are news reports the plane of DILG secretary Jesse Robredo crashed in sea near Masbate en-route to Naga city. The plane which is a Cessna plane Piper Seneca Plane that came from Mactan going to Naga city.

It is confirmed that 3 people including DILG secretary Jesse Robredo are missing sea near Masbate and it is confirmed one survived and rescued. The one survived is the aide of DILG secretary Jesse Robredo named Jun Abrasado

DILG Jesse Robredo was the delegate of President Noynoy in an event in Cebu. After that event, Jesse Robredo boarded that Piper Seneca plane shortly after to go to Naga. In the middle of their trip, the people onboard, somehow knows that the plane has some problems and were planning to emergency land in Masbate airport. The details are fuzzy what happened between their emergency and their crash on sea but reports say that the plane crashed happened on 4:20pm.

People in Masbate saw the plane crash that happened between Ticao island and Masbate city. They say that the waters are 200 meters deep. Up to now, there is a combined rescue effort of the Philippine army, Philippine coast guard and search rescue ops.

We will update our information as it arrives because this incident was reported just a few minutes ago.

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