Watch Philippine Olympic Boxer Live on August 4 8:45pm AKTV channel

Philippine Olympic Boxer Marc Anthony Barriga will fight live against Birzhan Zhakypov(Kazakhstan) on august 4 8:45pm at AKTV channel.

Our Olympic contender Marc Anthony Barriga who won his first fight against an Italian boxer in a lop-sided fashion will fight Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan for a chance to enter the quarterfinals.

Birzhan Zhakypov is not a new face on the boxing ring and once won the world amateur championship on 2005.  Bizhan barely won his first fight against a France boxer named, Jeremy Beccu.

It has been reported that Marc Anthony Barriga and Birzhan Zhakypov has trained and sparred together in some Asian Tournaments. Even though they say that Birzhan is a tough fighter, Marc Barriga has a great chance on beating him. Marc Barriga was a fan favorite of both spectator and officials because he fights like Pacquiao and some even calling him as Mini-Pacquiao or the next Pacquiao.

Marc Barriga is fighting in light flyweight boxing division.

You can watch Marc Anthony Barriga vs Birzhan Zhakypov live on august 4, 8:45pm AKTV channel.

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