President Noynoy Received Shortlist from JBC for Chief Justice

President Benigno Aquino III has received the list of people popularly known as the short list of nominees for chief justice by the JBC. Justice Secretary Leila De lima not included in the short list.

JBC or the Judicial and Bar Council has given President Beningo Aquino III or Noynoy the shortlist of nominees for the Chief Justice of the Philippines. In this short list, eight people where included but excluding the most popular nominee Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. She was excluded from the list because there was still some pending administrative cases against her and a pending bar disqualification. She received those cases and disqualification when she stopped the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from leaving the country. According to the JBC rules, nominees are automatically disqualified if they have pending administrative or criminal cases.

The JBC has an agreement that all nominees that will have 5 votes out of eight would be included in the list.The eight nominees included in the Short list are  Antonio Carpio, Roberto Abad, Arturo Brion, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro and Maria Lourdes Sereno, Francis Jardeleza, Cesar Villanueva and Ronaldo Zamora. The nominees came from the supreme court, public service and even private lawyers. Among the nominees, Antonio Carpio the acting chief justice received the most votes which is 7. Here is a picture of the nominees as well as how many votes they have received.

The president can do two things with the list. Reject it or accept the nominees.

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