Tito Sotto's Speech against RH Bill Accused of Plagiarism

Part of Tito Sotto's speech taken from blogger. Evidence and sources below. You will only see this evidence here.
We all have seen the teary eyed speech of Tito Sotto in the senate against the RH bill and we have seen him cite sources, doctors and experience why he is against the RH bill. But Filipino netizens has found out that part of his speech was taken from a blogger talking about the dangers of contraceptives. Tito Sotto's speech has taken almost word for word a paragraph by a blogger.

That blog is named "thehealthyhomeeconomist.com" with an article called "How The Pill Can Harm Your Future's Child Health" and written by a person named "Sarah"

Source:  http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/how-the-pill-can-harm-your-future-childs-health/
For Sotto's Speech: http://www.senate.gov.ph/press_release/2012/0814_sotto1.asp
You can clearly tell that parts of the article is the same and only some words have been omitted or changed but the meaning of those sentences are the same. Tito Sotto was interviewed about the Plagiarism and said that there was no plagiarism and he was only getting his sources from one named Natasha Campbell mcbride. Here is the video of Tito Sotto talking with Karen Davila about the Rh bill. The one about plagiarism starts at about 10 minutes.

This is part of what he said about the plaigiarism: "Yung blogger na sinasabi nila, pareho kami ng pinagkunan eh, si Natasha Campbell-McBride. In my speech, I've always said na hindi galing sa atin ito, messenger lang ako. Bakit ko naman iku-quote ‘yung blogger, ang kinu-quote ko si Natasha McBride,"

But if you cite Sarah's sources, you would see that the Natasha Campbell Mcbride she was talking about is an author of a book called "Gut and Psychology Syndrome". If this was the same book Tito Sotto was talking about, Then that part of his speech is Found Nowhere on that book. I have searched around the internet of free viewings of that book and have found one site that offers some pages of that book. I have compiled all pages that I can find where the word "contraceptive" was found on that book. 

Some sentences on that book talks about the dangers but it is no where as concise as what Sarah from ThehealthyHomeEconomist has written. You be the judge if there was plaigiarism or not.

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