MMDA officer Bullied by Traffic Enforcer

MMDA officer was slapped and punched by a civilian motorist in a traffic incident that happened this August 11.
Twitter and Facebook is buzzing for the video supposedly showing an MMDA traffic enforcer named Saturnino Fabros Being bullied by a civilian named Robert Blair Carabuena. In this video we are seeing a man in a violet shirt(Robert Blair Carabeuna) grabbing the shirt of an MMDA Officer(Saturnino Fabros), punching him, pushing him and slapping him hard and the MMDA officer just stands there taking all that beating.

While the video didn't show the whole picture, we clearly see who was the aggressor here and who was the victim. Here is the video of MMDA officer "binugbog" by a civilian that was named(unconfirmed) as Robert Blair Carabuena.

Because of the power of the internet, Web users has sleuth around the net and found some information about Robert Blair Carabeuna in the internet. It the information is true, The civilian bully finished in Ateneo De Manila University and currently works Phillip Morris International.

Even if the traffic enforcer might be doing something irregular, it still does not give anybody the right to treat another human that way.

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