Senator Tito Sotto's Speech Against the Rh Bill

Senator Tito Sotto's lengthy speech against the RH bill or the Responsible Parenthood Bill in the Senate. The summary of his speech gave details why he believes the RH bill is unconstitutional, how he believes that life starts at conception, how his first son died because of contraceptives and how condoms pose serious health risk.
Senator Tito Sotto is one of the most prominent politician or public figure that is against the RH bill or the renamed Responsible Parenthood Bill. What made this speech memorable is how he cried when he is talking about how his first son died because of contraceptive medicine.

He also talked about why life starts at conception. Explained and gave reference and opinions of doctors that also believes life starts at conception contrary to most western scientist and belief that life starts at implantation. About why the RH bill is unconstitutional, he cites a 1987 charter about protection on both mother and the unborn from conception. Noting that what constitutionalist agreed that fertilized ovum is a life.

But what made his speech memorable is on how he cried while telling the story how his first born child died. He believed that contraception made his first born child weak and the reason why his son died.

I have also included the full video speech of Senator Tito Sotto's speech in the senate last august 13.

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