Banned pinoy mcdonalds BF GF advertisement

Banned pinoy mcdonalds girl asking boy if she is his girlfriend but the boy is giving excuses like girls are demanding and such. But the girl just wants some fries advertisement. Well first of all this was banned because of  the dancing of a boy in a tv show called willing willie and not the RH bill. Mcdonalds was kinda forced to pull the plug because the church is a little bit hot on the topic of child abuse because of the dancing and not the RH bill.

I for one can see the point why this advertisement is offensive to some and I agree that it must be taken down but not to the point of charging the company of crimes. Its a real pity that mcdonalds has created some of the most tearjerker heartful advertisement in the Philippines and all they can come up with is a theme that girls can be bought by gifts.

Here is the video

But unfortunately, this video was a copy of a indian McDonalds advertisement. See the similarities.

Now I am thinking if all of those advertisement by McDonalds are just copy of other countries advertisement. I will investigate this.

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