Pacquiao vs Marquez November 13 3rd encounter

Pacquiao vs juan manuel marquez 3rd fight this coming november 12.

The fight is november 12 US time or november 13 philippine time where pacquiao originated. This pacquiao and marquez fight will be the 3rd fight between boxers. Which the first came to a tie and the second a decision of pacquiao. While Marquez is contesting that he won the first two fights even if it happened more than 5 years ago, this was a reason that pacquiao is holding a grudge and want this fight to be the final nail on the coffin of who really did won those fights.

Pacquio said that he is really serious about this fight and wants to let people now through the boxing ring who won those past pacquiao vs marquez fights and to stop questions who really won those fights.

This marquez vs pacquiao 3 fight will happen in the welterweight category even if the first pacquaio marquez fight happened in the featherweight catergory. This weight category is the second for marquez and the first being with mayweather that resulted in a lose while pacquiao has already some fights in this weight and already in touch with this weight category.

some boxing analyst that pacquiao will win via TKO in round 6 but I am betting that it will be earlier than that if pacquiao is really serious about this fight.

You can watch pacquiao vs marquez 3 fight online via HBO or watch it via pacquaio marquez pay per view.

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