Mcdonalds philippines no ketchup for you

If you have recently ordered a drive-thru or a take out or what you call "to go" in mcdonalds food chains/stores in the Philippines and you ordered a burger, you will see that they will not given you any catsup in your bag. Did you know that if you ordered anything that don't have any french fries in them, you will not given any catsup at all? 

Folks having ketchup in your order is not a regular or common thing anymore. If you asked some ketchup, they will say that we are in no way obliged to give you any ketchup because you haven't ordered any french fries but because you have asked we will think about it.I have recently in talks with some of the customer assistance of Mcdonalds through their call center and all I get is the same response ( I even said the customer is always right but to no effect). I really cannot think reasons why they have chosen to make their burgers ketchup free. Are the burgers perfect enough that you would not need any ketchup at all? Or is there some kind of "special sauce" that if touched by ketchup it will taste bad(hmm maybe even explode).

I really cannot fathom that a fastfood chain will stop its customers enjoying the food they ordered in their own way. 

I maybe a little bit over the top but saying the customer has no right to ask but needs to beg for ketchup. Bad management to the extreme.

That is why I am enjoying the bee's burger with ketchup YUM!

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